Hogwarts: Golden Age

Years have passed since the fall of the dark lord. Peace has finally been achieved..or has it? Deatheaters arise again. Who's the leader this time? Who's the Saviour? Find out on Hogwarts: Golden Age
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 Ever Clairmont

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Ever De Clermont
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Gryffindor 6th Year
Ever De Clermont

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PostSubject: Ever Clairmont   Wed Jan 21, 2015 7:32 pm

Ever Clairmont

Full Name: Ever Delilah Melisande Helene Freyja Clairmont 
Gender: Female
Birthday: 10th January
Age: 15
Blood: Pureblood
Birth Place: Tours, central of France. Home: Chateau Des Sept Tours. Has a home in London which is why she does not have a french accent.
Nationality: French.

Family: The Clairmont is an old french family, first coming from Jerusalem before moving country after a plague that occurred. They were vampires at the time so they survived. They married in with some witches who somehow had the ability to birth vampire children and they made themselves known when they made Sept Tours. They've lived there ever since it's creation in solitude. Ever's parents were Ysabeau and Phillipe de Clermont. Their name is slightly different because Ysabeau has a mild hatred for witches as she was once one before she was turned, losing her power for foresight. She is a well known witch hunter and has an entire room filled with souvenirs of the witches she has killed. They both adore their daughter, Ever and call her the French Princess. Much like everyone does in Tours or France itself. Ever has a brother named Matthew and he's a full fledged vampire due to being 22 which is the age Ever will ne turned into a full vampire.

History: Ever lives the perfect lifestyle and from a young age, was on many adventures. Her parents often took her back to Jerusalem so she knew of her homeland and took her around the rest of the world, if it be for business or just holidays. She always received the perfect amount of affection and space. She was never controlled and never left alone, always having at least someone to protect her. Mainly her best friend Gallowglass who was turned into a vampire around the viking ages in Scotland, even then he resembled the norse god he looks like to this day. Ever unfortunately fell for him. They both travelled together by themselves, to Rome, Greece...Scotland to see Hogwarts and Gallowglass' home. Every day had it's big or small surprise. At the age of 11, her obsession with tattoos began and her parents allowed her to be tattooed, knowing getting a tattoo as a vampire would just heal over. When she started Hogwarts at 11, she stayed in the shadows, becoming the observer more than the joiner but when she did, she made her authority stand out. She's been fighting since she could walk or hold a sword and is strong enough to fight a giant-which she has done before. She also has a sister called Artemis but she uses her mothers name, not caring that people would know her mother is the Great Witch Hunter.

Appearance: Long black hair, bright red lips, very pale skin and lots of tattoos. She has a nose piercing, belly button piercing and has gages-earlobe things- but mostly uses horn type gages instead of normal ones. She likes wearing old band shirts, tartan type shirts mainly because of Gallowglass, leather trousers or skinny jeans, leather jackets and combat boots. She likes beanies or snapbacks and is never without her beats. Rarely wears dresses and when she does, it's usually black, corsetted, lace or leather.

Personality: Ever is simply an observer, likes to watch others from afar whilst rocking out to preferably Guns N Roses or AC/DC but does listen to other types of music. She is an artist, an avid reader and loves to train, bordering an obsession with training. She's always wanted to be a full vampire, wanting to be very strong when she becomes one. She's obsessive, manipultive to get what she wants, cunning and very loyal. She dislikes assholes or annoying people and doesn't even bother hiding the fact that she does. Ever will make her point heard if she needs to. She's possessive and protective over her family and loved ones and finds these qualities are weakness but doesn't mind them that much. Despite her mean temper, she's quite patient. Although she'd never admit it...she's insecure, shy and slightly crazy. She hides behind this with fake confidence.

Ever sat at the round table in the kitchen with her drawing pad on her lap, watching Gallowglass speak with her brother, who was about to leave, with a faint smile on her face. The simple aggressive gesture with his hands made her happy. He had just returned from Israel and had yet to greet her but she waited patiently. Rubbing her finger against the block of charcoal next to her, she made her art work more life like around the scars. Little did she know, Gallowglass used his vampire speed to stand next to her and was shocked at the side. It was him from when he was a freshly born, just the way he had described to the young girl. His hair was a long wavy mess down around his shoulders and he had loads of scars lashed across his chest, being revealed behind his ripped shirt that barely hung on his large bear like body. He was then distracted by Ever's blackened fingers brushing against his neck where fang marks were. But he wasn't distracted by that, he was distracted by the fact when she brushed her fingers a red smudge emerged. She had been using the red stone chalk that lots of his people when he was a child used for art. ''Hello..Ever.'' Gallowglass whispered into her ear and the girl jumped, fumbling to cover the art whilst a deep chuckle rumbled in his chest that sent shivers down Ever's spine. ''H-Hello, Gallowglass...Good to see you're home.'' She managed to say after stumbling to get up but he had managed to hold her steady by gripping her elbow. ''Aye..It's wonderful to be back at home. Tis a shame Matthew just leaves when I arrive.'' Ever nodded slowly, ignoring the way his hand felt on her and smiled up at him. ''Yes it is...Now if you'll excuse me..I need to feed the horses.'' Ever lied but quickly turned to leave. Once in the stables, she noticed Gallowglass was already there and sighed under her breath, going to the temperamental Balthazar who kicked everyone else but her. The black horse nudged at her for an apple and immediately received. ''Ever. Why were you drawing me?'' Gallowglass questioned after moments of watching. ''Felt like it.'' Ever said bluntly and the norse man shook his head. ''Aye, that might be true but you have more drawings of me. Why?'' He questioned further and Ever's temper quickly rose, turning to him with hurt and anger all mixed into one. ''I like ya, damnit! IS THAT SUCH A PROBLEM!?'' Ever shouted towards the man, storming off, her aura telling no one to go near her. Gallowglass stared after her, shock evident in his eyes whilst Phillipe stood in his tower, watching down at the pair with amusement flickering on his face.

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