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Years have passed since the fall of the dark lord. Peace has finally been achieved..or has it? Deatheaters arise again. Who's the leader this time? Who's the Saviour? Find out on Hogwarts: Golden Age
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 Othelia Santoro

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Othelia Santoro
Othelia Santoro

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PostSubject: Othelia Santoro   Sun Oct 11, 2015 9:12 pm

Othelia Santoro

Full Name: Othelia Santoro (nee. Mkhize)
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 27, 1994
Age: 21, almost 22
Blood: Pureblood
Birth Place: Pretoria, South Africa
Nationality: South African
Current Residence: Mainly Venice, Italy; varies at times due to husband’s career in music and due to business reasons

Family: Othelia's family came to South Africa from Holland in the 1800's and settled down there although in more recent times some members have moved to places like England and France. The Mkhizes are quite conservative believing in blood purity even though there are a few, like Othelia, who don't believe in the same views. Arranged marriages used to be quite common in the family although it has lessened throughout each generation. She has a sister who is younger than her by six years named Mianda.

History: Life was quite simple for Othelia growing up if quite a few things don’t get acknowledged. Before she was even born, her parents and a wealthy Italian family who happened to be involved with the mafia arranged a marriage between her and one of their sons. The person who happened to be arranged to be married to her happened to be four years older than her. Due to the age gap, they didn’t officially meet until Othelia was seven, and their parents didn’t tell them that they arranged them to be married until Othelia was nearing her twelfth birthday while her husband-to-be was already sixteen. Due to being from South Africa, she was only able to communicate with the person who happened to be her future husband through letters with the occasional floo call due to the distance.

During her school years, it was hard for her to really be like any other kid at her school since they were able to have relationships that lasted a few weeks all they wanted, party and get super drunk, and constantly hang out with each other. She was really unable to be able to experience life as a normal teen in the wizarding world since she was already engaged, and her parents had quite a few expectations in place, so she was constantly taught how to be the perfect wife. Othelia began to be rebellious by giving herself hair her parents wouldn’t dare see her get caught with, which she happened to keep into her adult years, wearing more skimpy clothing, and having a short lived rap career in various experimental hip hop and rap groups. Her parents were horrified and tried all sorts of interventions, but they failed to work because she just wouldn’t bother listening to them. Once she had gotten older as a teenager, she began to get closer to the one who she’d find herself married to once she turned seventeen due to a shared love for music and general distaste over how their families were.

A few days after she turned seventeen, she found herself married into a relationship forced by their parents. At first, they just pretty much acted like good friends who happened to live together with nothing much happening. As time went on, however, they had started to fall in love to the point of where they were actually becoming more intimate compared to the previous platonic cuddling and sharing a bed kind of intimacy. Early on in their marriage, her father-in-law died, and her husband was forced to take his place as a mafia leader. It was quite a hard thing to get adjusted to, especially with her husband trying to pursue a music career, so they had to do everything they could in order to not get caught with such a business. Her husband decided that it'd be best to use his music career as a way to help cover up their business of organized crime, so they find themselves traveling because of that and to take care of anything they need to in other places.

Appearance: At 5 feet, Othelia is relatively short compared to those her age. It's hard for one to tell what her eye color is, but it is assumed to be hazel. Her hair is naturally a dark brown, but she keeps it bleached. Her hair is practically the love child of a mullet and a bowl cut which some people find to be quite trashy. When she was younger, she mainly wore what her parents made her wear, but due to growing rebellious because of their pressures, she began to wear skimpy clothing that were pretty gothic. She is mostly a fan of holographic and lacey clothing although she will still wear the clothes from her rebellious phase if she feels like it.

Personality: Othelia appears to be quite timid, but when she's around those she loves and trusts alongside those for business reasons, it's almost as though she feels free to be who she is. Although she is the kind, nurturing type, she wouldn't hesitate to cuss someone out, if it was the right situation to do so. When she was in school, she enjoyed learning about various plants and their uses in Herbology to the point of having a notebook to refer to whenever it's necessary. She never enjoyed dueling due to not being a fan of violence and considered that class to be a waste of time to where she'd skip it just to write some raps and doodle. For a small time, she was taught to be a healer, so her limited in knowledge in healing comes in handy to where it's a bit of a strength. When it comes to fighting when necessary, she can get quite hesitant which makes her vulnerable which is something she's trying her best to work on due to becoming afraid about the possibility of stuff that'd cause her and her husband to be in danger. It takes time for her to open up to unfamiliar people, but once she feels as though she can be open about herself, she can be very loyal. Sometimes, she responds to situations in a bad way due to not really having a grasp on how to handle concepts that seem unbelievable to her. When something exciting happens, Othelia is as energetic as she can be to where it's as though she's bouncing off the walls. Despite preferring to be a free spirit not caring about anything, she can get very serious whenever it is necessary to do so. Whenever she gets nervous, she tends to speak in Afrikaans as it helps her get her thoughts out. She also has a big fondness for cats.

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Amber Flint
Amber Flint

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PostSubject: Re: Othelia Santoro   Sun Oct 11, 2015 10:42 pm


Only know you've been high when you're feeling low
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Othelia Santoro
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