Hogwarts: Golden Age

Years have passed since the fall of the dark lord. Peace has finally been achieved..or has it? Deatheaters arise again. Who's the leader this time? Who's the Saviour? Find out on Hogwarts: Golden Age
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 Dinah Siren

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Dinah Siren
Gryffindor 3rd Year
Gryffindor 3rd Year
Dinah Siren

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PostSubject: Dinah Siren   Fri Jun 17, 2016 10:36 am

Dinah W. Siren

Full Name: Dinah Willow Siren
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 24
Age: 12
Blood: Pure
Birth Place: London, England
Nationality: British

Family: Not overly rich the Sirens were a normal family who had a few things going for them. They had a decent income and well they weren’t all magical some turned into squibs they all supported each other. Her mother though she was the odd one out. When she was six years old Laura Siren got bitten by a werewolf turning her into one. She was kicked out of her family home and was her own. Till she met Dinah’s father. Alec Kulper who was a born werewolf. They met and soon they began to date.

When Dinah was born she was the second generation Siren to be a werewolf her mother being the first.
She was born July 24 and it was a beautiful night. She was first held by her mother and the moment she was born everything changed. Her mother’s family hated the new baby because she was a born werewolf and they hated creatures. So her mother and father ran. They ran to the outskirts of London and hid there for years.

Everything was amazing and Dinah was none the wiser to all the troubles her parents faced. They taught her how to control the wolf and to not let it control you. They taught her about packs and all that wolf stuff. They had fun and Dinah went to muggle school till she was eleven. Once she turned eleven she received her letter to Hogwarts. Happy and excited her parents worried that her mother's side would kill her. So after some talk and a lot of debating they allowed her to go but she was to send a letter every week.

During her first school year everything was amazing she got top marks and hid who she was from the students because her parents feared that she would be killed. After she came back that's when everything went to shit. Her parents were murdered by a hired assassin by her mother's family and they killed her father as well. They tried to get her but she was faster than they were. Now she hides out on the streets waiting to go back to Hogwarts.

Appearance: Right now Dinah stands at 4’11 and her hair is a bright blonde and her eyes a deep blue. Her skin is fair and splattered with some freckles she is a thin girl. Over all she is very small and tiny but when she shifts she is a white wolf who is fairly big and has bright blue eyes like the ocean.

Personality: She is a strong girl who doesn’t back down from anything and who doesn’t fear anyone. She has faced so much tragedy she has given up being fearful. She is brash and bold and often yells instead of talking to people. She hates talking to people and she hates when people ask her questions. One of her biggest is extremely fearful of thunderstorms cause the night her parents were killed was a thunderstorm.
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Helena Watson
Helena Watson

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PostSubject: Re: Dinah Siren   Fri Jun 17, 2016 10:56 am


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Dinah Siren
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