Hogwarts: Golden Age

Years have passed since the fall of the dark lord. Peace has finally been achieved..or has it? Deatheaters arise again. Who's the leader this time? Who's the Saviour? Find out on Hogwarts: Golden Age
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 Esme Eliv -Original Lycan-

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Esme Eliv

Esme Eliv

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PostSubject: Esme Eliv -Original Lycan-   Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:19 am

Esme Eliv

Full Name: Esme Eleanor Calista Eliv
Gender: Female
Birthday: She forgot years ago
Age: 60,672
Blood: Pure
Birth Place: Somewhere in Brazil
Nationality: British
Current Residence: London, England

Family: She has forgotten them over the years one day she will see her mother as a beautiful and kind women with hair as dark as squid ink and the next she remembers her with hair as blonde as the sun. Her father some days had red hair like lava or fire and other days had brown hair like chocolate. Esme doesn't remember them much she once had a sister but she died at a young age. She would have been older than Esme by five years.

History: Born of a witch and wizard Esme wasn't supposed to amount to anything more than a weak baby. Her sister before her a seer of a long line of seers from her mother's side. Skipped a generation every time. By the time her sister was five she gave a prophecy about her baby sister who was still in her mother's womb. "Dog and man are one, dog and man joined together in someone who is weak and tiny, on her death bed a spell will be casted, a portion will be drank, a new species will be born" No one ever understood, no one ever believed her.

When Esme was born she was nothing more than a runt only suppose to last till her eighth birthday her death predicted and set in stone. She grew up waiting, slowly dying inside and slowly dying on the outside. Her eighth birthday hit and Esme was fed up with being told she wasn't going to amount to much. She ran and went to someone who was supposed to be extremely powerful, someone who could turn back the hands of time and who could save Esme.

The women agreed but warned Esme that she would be a changed girl forever and she would never be the same. Esme agreed to these risks and the women began. Casting a spell to change Esme's genetics to be that of a wolf or least half of one she also gave her a potion that would allow her to control these changes. But she warned Esme that with this came a price. Every full moon against her will and all her descendants Esme would change into her wolf being.

Esme drank it and with that she became the first of a stronger more powerful species known as werewolves or in Esme's case and her direct descendants, Lycan's. Esme went home after and showed herself to her people some fearful and wanted to burn her at a stake, some treated her like a goddess. She didn't want either she wanted to protect people. So that's what she did.

For a thousand years or so. During the years Esme had many children some dying early stages of their life, some living. Soon myths began to arise and she heard rumours of another, something connected to bats. Vampires. Esme hated them, she hated everything about them. They were a disgrace to humans. They were dead. So now started the long and hateful lives of wolves and vampires.

She taught her children how to fight, what a pack was and how to stick together, what a mate was which they all had for reproduction. She admitted that even the first Lycan, herself, had a mate. That died long ago in a battle between Lycan's and vampires. For years this fight went on, many battles, many lives lost. Till one girl changed that for the better.

Esme was contacted a witch wished to create a being of both wolf and vampire. Esme agreed but only for the safety of her children. Going to where she was needed she met a child her name Larunda she had a gift of prophecy she had never seen before. Esme agreed and allowed her blood to be taken and put into the children one male and one female. Esme  vowed to try and protect them. But she failed.

Vampires those stick bastards killed everyone is Laruand home and her brother and her ran. Esme lost them and though she tried to track them it wasn't until another war that she found them. By the time she got there it was too late. One of them was dead. Though not her own child he had her blood running through his veins. She mourned him then left. Going into hiding and not coming out for many years.

When she did it was a war and Esme only agreed to join in order to protect her children, her beautiful children of the night. She protected them in a war and they won. Now she has her own child and this time, she intends to raise him by herself, teach him the ways to protect himself so that if she were to die, he could take on the role that she held for many years. She now stays in London and won't fight wars, not anymore.
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Esme Eliv -Original Lycan-
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