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Years have passed since the fall of the dark lord. Peace has finally been achieved..or has it? Deatheaters arise again. Who's the leader this time? Who's the Saviour? Find out on Hogwarts: Golden Age
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 Katya Pavlov

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Katya Pavlov

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PostSubject: Katya Pavlov   Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:05 pm

Katya Pavlov

Full Name: Katya Pavlov
Gender: Kat
Birthday: June 18, 1999
Age:  17
Blood: Pure
Birth Place: Saint Petersburg
Nationality: Russia
Current Residence: London, England

Family: Publically not many know anything about the Pavlov family, they are a mystery, one of St Petersburg rumours, there most famous singer, and they know nothing about her. But for Katya? She is one of four daughters and six children. A poor family living on the outskirts of St Petersburg. She was the youngest of them all, her older siblings all older than her, the second youngest was older than her by two years. Her mother was a thin woman one named Ayna her father named Sasha, both sweet but poor and weak. Never being able to do much more than steal and trade. No information is known about what happened to them, or if they are still even alive.

History: Katya Lilya Pavlov was born a crisp and warm night in the summer. The flowers blooming outside and the wind giving a gentle breeze outside, enough to keep the people cool but not too cold which was most odd for Russia. But Katya mother would later tell Katya, that the weather seemed to take pity on Anya that night due to giving birth to her smallest and youngest child.

Anya in their little cabin with her husband by her side gave birth to Katya and soon after she was bombarded with five other siblings each wanting their own turn to hold their newest sister. The eldest of them Alexai holding her first and then they went down the line. The final to hold the small Katya was the smallest boy Sasha, named after their father.

For the next four years the siblings helped out with the two youngest as the third youngest was already five by the time Katya was born, the eldest three helped with the younger children and helped their mother with Katya. Her first words being none other than her eldest brothers name who was her best friend basically when she was young.

When Katya was five she began to ask why during the year her elder siblings went off to a fancy school well her and Sasha and her other sister Roza who was 10 stayed at home learning basic Russian with their father and some bits of English and music with their mother. Her mother explained they were something called witches and wizards. Well her older siblings went off to school at the magic school in the hidden parts of Moscow she and her other two siblings would stay till they were of age.

Katya was told that when she was 11 she would pick out her own wand and join her siblings at the school. But Katya would never have that chance.

For you see her parents well poor, were purebloods through and through, they had many heirlooms that they refused to part with, one such was a beautiful necklace Katya was given when she was no older then four, that matched a beautiful music box her mother showed her. But these things were valuable and so someone seemingly wanted them for themselves.

So when Katya was 10 years old and her sisters and brothers were visiting for the holidays a wolf attacked, Katya was hidden in a cupboard but before her other siblings could hide the man came in. Demanding to know where the Romanov box was, it would turn out that her mother was, in fact, a descendant of the Romanov, the daughter of the last surviving daughter of the Azar, Princess Anastasia. Anya herself named after her mother.

Anya claimed to not know what the man was speaking off and so first he slew her brother Sasha, then her sister Roza, eventually her mother screamed begging the man to spot, it seemed the man believed her that she had no clue what he was speaking off so after tieing them up he smirked and muttered chilling words that stayed with Katya.

"Did you really think you could hide her from me Anya"

The man got to Katya and dragged her out, necklace around her neck and music box in her pocket. He set their little cabin on fire and to Katya and everyone else's knowledge, killing the rest of her family. Katya with a small burst of magic managed to hide her heirlooms in a little cave not far from her home and as the man couldn't find the things he wanted he attempted to kill Katya.

But he mistook what he did and he ended up not killing her, but turning her into a wolf-like himself. Believing her to be dead he ran off. Katya would wake up hours later and then go to the cave, bloody and wounded, she would gather her heirlooms and go to her home.

Finding no traces of her family other than her eldest brothers jacket, her sister Roza's hat and her mother's wand, her fathers watch. She took these things and left heading to the middle of the town, where she would be found by a man named Dimitri who would take her in and ask what happened. She strung a lie about how she ran off knowing the information she held was scary dangerous. The man believing her to be muggle sent her off to an orphanage.

With Katya talents of singing and her mother's lessons of music, she made a small earning singing on the streets. Soon after when Katya was 13 a man came to her and asked her if she would like to compete in a contest, agreeing she went with him and she did compete in a countrywide contest, being victorious this was how Katya, the beautiful Russian girl became a country-wide famous singer by the young age of 14. From there on out she was trained on many musical instruments as well as more singing lessons.

Turning 15 she learned that the man all those years ago was someone working for the current government who wanted to erase any traces of the Romanov family, so now she resented them.

Throughout the years, Katya trained herself in bits of magic, knowing enough to do laundry and help heal wounds, but besides that, she was left defenceless to the biggest monster she knew, herself. Every full moon she turned at first she didn't know what happened and ended up murdering someone. As she grew older she learned about wolfsbane and used it to calm herself a bit.

Now at the age of 17, she was going on her first world tour, first, stop? London England, which didn't end well for Katya. Well there the young girl ran into the man from all those years ago, he didn't know whom she was but seemingly wanting to hurt her for nothing more then fun she was taken to this area and drugged, raped, tortured and eventually...one of his friends a vamp came and decided to turn her.

Changing Katya from a wolf to a hybrid...the people of Russia found her and cancelled the tour admittedly and now she resigned in a hospital in a comatose state from the shock and the pain she was in.

Appearance: Katya is a small woman, no bigger than 5'6 and weighs no more than 115 lbs. Her hair is a dirty blonde, for the most part, staying in a braid. Her eyes are the most beautiful shade of hazel brown, she has a fair complexion and is very pale. Often compared to the likes of snow white in how pale her skin is. But no matter how tiny she is, she clearly looks powerful as well.

Personality: Katya is a soft-spoken women, often keeping in mind she has a reputation to uphold with, she is one of the most popular teen singers in Russia so of course, she knows she effects many. Often throwing her own cares out the window in order to care for the others who look to her for guidance. A year ago she began to teach other children how to sing as well, wanting to give back to the people who helped her get as far as she did. But beneath her surface is a revengeful person who hates their government and everything they stand for. She is more than willing to start a fight to protect her rights and speak her mind with no thoughts to what could happen afterwards. Due to things that happened in her home when she was young Katya grew up not really learning magic besides what she was able to teach herself, using her mother's wand she learned a few spells but she only used magic once or twice a year at most. Choosing to live as a muggle for the most part.

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Katya Pavlov
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