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Years have passed since the fall of the dark lord. Peace has finally been achieved..or has it? Deatheaters arise again. Who's the leader this time? Who's the Saviour? Find out on Hogwarts: Golden Age
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 William Robertson

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William Robertson

William Robertson

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PostSubject: William Robertson   Fri Jan 19, 2018 7:20 pm

William Robertson

Full Name: William Robertson
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Blood: Halfblood
Birth Place: Motherwell, Scotland
Nationality: Scottish
Current Residence: London, England

Family: William is the youngest member of his Family. His Mother -Morag- was a Witch who studied at Hogwarts during her Childhood before she met Andrew when she was travelling through the UK after her time at School. Morag and Andrew Married a couple of years after they met and made a home in Motherwell, Scotland where they created their Family. First came Neil, William's older brother and then William four years later.

History: William grew up as a normal, happy go lucky kid in Motherwell. He was always an energetic kid and as he grew up he used to use that energy participating in sports with his older brother. They particularly fell in love with Rowing as there was a Loch near their house which had a Rowing club. The small family were funded by their fathers job as a Head Teacher of a local Secondary School while their mother stayed at home to help raise the boys before they both attended Hogwarts. Both brothers were in Hufflepuff and William made a small group of friends, most of whom he lost contact with as they left School.

During the Summer after he had finished School William's brother Neil was tragically killed in a drink driving incident involving some Muggles who ran over Neil. The death of his brother sent William into a downward spiral, he would drink excessive amounts of Alcohol and occasionally take some recreational drugs. This trend continued for almost a year before William met a Muggle girl, Mary-Louise at a party. She was very similar to how William was as a child, seeming awkward around mass groups of people. After talking to her and behinning to date her Williams life began to improve and after a few years of dating the two Married before moving to London so Mary-Louise could begin her job working with the Muggle Government.

The two had a few happy years together with William taking many different jobs trying to fit into the Muggle world. One night after finishing a shift at a local bar William arrived home to find his house had been broken into. As he looked around inside he found Mary-Louse dead inside as a curse was fired at him before the culprit escaped through the back door. After the death of his Wife William returned to his old near alcoholic life style and swore he would somehow find the person responsible and bring them to justice by returning to the Wizarding world he left behind after School.

Appearance: William stands at 5 ft 11 inches and is quite lean weighing about 71kg. His hair normally sits in a gelled comb over and is light brown. He has deep brown eyes. William will normally be found wearing some sort of shirt with dark trousers and a long dark over coat that hangs down to his knees.

Personality: William is known to be a kind, loving man though while he is dealing with the death of his wife he has become angry, vengeful and reliant on Alcohol to "help get him through the day". The only desire he feels other than his adiction is wanting to hunt down his wife's killer and to make sure they pay for the pain they have caused him. To do this William wishes to train as an Auror. His greatest strength is his determination, there has rarely been anything William has wanted in life that he has not gotten. Though his weaknesses are his dependence on Alcohol, allowing himself to get attached to people too easily and always allowing his emotions to show on the surface for all to see.

It was a cold Winters night and William was walking home after finishing the shift at a bar a couple of blocks away from his home. Rubbing his hands together to try and warm them up William smiled to himself, he just couldn't wait to get home to his Wife. As he neared the front door he noticed the door had been knocked down. As he scrunched his face up William drew his wand from the inside pocket of his coat. He made sure he stepped slowly inside the house as he tried to keep quiet as he looked around the place. As he neared the kitched William could see a body lying on the floor, he instantly recognised it as Mary-Louise. He ran towards the body and saw a bright green flash coming towards him and his legs gave way beneath him. William screamed from the floor "You better run! Coward!" before his anger changed to grief and he lay on the floor holding his wife in their last embrace wailing.
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William Robertson
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