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Years have passed since the fall of the dark lord. Peace has finally been achieved..or has it? Deatheaters arise again. Who's the leader this time? Who's the Saviour? Find out on Hogwarts: Golden Age
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 Casey Williams

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Casey Williams
Gryffindor 2nd Year
Gryffindor 2nd Year
Casey Williams

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PostSubject: Casey Williams   Sun Jan 21, 2018 6:42 pm

Casey Williams

Full Name: Casey Sarah Williams
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 3rd, 2004
Age: 12 years old
Blood: Halfblood
Birth Place: Edinburgh, Scotland
Nationality: Scottish
Current Residence: Edinburgh, Scotland


Casey's family has always been her big brother Humphrey and her parents. From what she understood her dad hadn't had much family and what he did have had passed before getting an opportunity to know them. On her mum's side they don't really speak much, mainly because they decided to keep the magic part of her dad being a wizard a secret and she didn't want to lie to people she cared about. So, she had intentionally let a bit of a rift form, and personally Casey think it's rather silly even though she knows they thought it was necessary. But, with having good parents and a great brother she always felt pretty lucky for the most part.

Her father works at St. Mungo's as a Healer and her mum as a nurse closer to home working locally in Edinburgh. Their dad Alex is a bit of a softie, so even though he does try to enforce the chores he is the one you can sometimes convince to let them off easy with some luck. He thinks as long as they are happy, at least working some of the time to learn, and not causing problems he is doing alright. Trying to pull one over on their mum Jane is much harder, though, as she doesn't fall for it and wants them to be motivated and do chores, schoolwork, and whatever else she might ask of them without being asked twice. However, what they both agree on is that if they misbehave or things get puff off unduly long is that they will get punished whether it be extra chores, going to bed without a dinner, or time spent alone in their rooms instead of doing things with each other or outdoors like they prefer.

One thing they all enjoy as a family is music together, with Casey being a fair piano player and learning, her mum Jane playing violin, and Humphrey on the acoustic guitar with their dad Alex leading and singing for them. It's something they all enjoy even though sometimes with schedules it can be a bit challenging to fit in. To them it's more important to spend time together, and though they do try to do a good job whether or not everything sounds perfect isn't really what matters.


Probably the biggest thing that had an impact on her life was her and Humphrey getting a pet red husky that they named Alice and had to learn how to raise. She was only four when they first got it. It taught them how to be responsible, because that was one thing even their dad wouldn't let them slide on. If they didn't care for the pet they both had asked for and wanted it would be given to a family that would take care of it. She took it as a personal challenge, and even though Humphrey did help (especially the first year when she was too small to do everything on her), she was the one who bonded with Alice more closely.

Casey would spend as much time as she could outside, because Alice was always an outside dog, trying to teach her how to obey commands and find new places to explore on their property. Their parents hadn't gotten a lot of land, but a few acres that even had a small pond in one part for the children to enjoy. Their property was clearly marked on the borders so they would always know when to stop. Sometimes it was with a fence other times it was some signs nailed to trees as some of it you couldn't really put fencing through easily. As she got older one of the favorite things for both her and the dog was running together, and she went from just light to quick as well, always having been a bit of a tomboy.

Something her and her brother did as a team was building their own treehouse. It took a lot of time and work, and their dad supervised some of it to make sure the structure was sound enough to hold them. In the end, the bulk of the work was done on their own aside from some heavy boards that their father had to help secure in place. Once the actual structure was up they made it their own, and Casey let her love for all things creative and especially art take over and run wild. Humphrey had added one thing off of it that was purely his own idea, and that was a hammock off one side. It was a bit unnerving at first because it was outside the actual structure, and looking down you would only see branches and the ground beneath that you would land on if you fell. After a while though he got past the fear, and it became his favorite reading spot. Casey would sometimes use it herself, but most of the time that was only when they would enjoy it together and he would read stories for both of them. She liked books as well, but not quite as much as her (kind of dorky) big brother.

Drawing and sketching was something she would do kind of for her self, and though she would occasionally show Humphrey something most of it she kept in hiding spots where she could get lost in her own little world. Alice was the one exception, so long as she refrained from getting slobber on the papers.

One thing that had become kind of distinctive and she felt strange without having, was a pair of converse that her brother had gotten for her on her tenth birthday. He'd gotten them a little on the big side so she could grow into them, and they were Converse All Star X-Hi Military in the white/gold color. He'd seen how much she loved to draw and told her to use them as her canvas for whatever she wanted. At Hogwarts she knew she might not be able to get away with them all the time but she would still have them, they were almost like her security blanket after she'd worked on them for so long, the familiar shoes a piece of home she could carry on her feet.


Has hazel eyes that usually are a dark green, but sometimes change color to a blue and have bits of yellow or yellowy brown in there. They change depending on the light, and what colors she's wearing as well as how long her blonde hair is. If the hair is closer to her eyes on the fringe that sometimes has an impact with it. Wears her hair a little above the shoulders and it's short enough to kind of flip out slightly because of the way her hair naturally wants to. Doesn't worry about makeup and things like that, she just wears her own unique style that she kind of developed. Loves arm warmers and high socks, different tops of jackets some with sleeves and others without, and has always loved stripes especially.

Doesn't really like wearing dresses because they are harder to play in, so tries to avoid those when at all possible. With no matter what she's wearing she tries to add things to it, whether it be hidden pockets or buttons, patches of bright color, or what not. The uniform at Hogwarts is one thing she does her best to leave alone, but it is an ongoing struggle she doesn't always win. If she gets into trouble it is more often than not because of something to do with that.


Likes include hiking, swimming, and most of all running when it comes to exercise. If she has her dog Alice or even on her own running is something that cheers her up and helps her feel free. Playing piano, singing, doing projects and hanging out with Humphrey when they aren't too busy. Having her own creative space to just go crazy and have fun with, especially when it comes to drawing and adapting things to suit her sense of style. She likes Herbology quite a lot, as well as Charms because there are just so many spells that can accomplish almost anything if you look hard enough.

Dislikes are definitely kids who try to bully or make others feel strange or weird. Because she embraces it she almost takes it as a personal affront, and isn't afraid to make friends with people whether they are popular with others or kind of alone. Other dislikes include Potions, because the smells and being cooped up in the dungeons make her feel rather uncomfortable. While not claustrophobic by any means, it does make her feel rather uneasy. The last one that really bugs her is people who try to get ahead by any means necessary. She likes having goals and is a very determined person herself, but pushing others down to get yourself ahead is the other thing aside from bullying that will almost always get her temper going.

Strengths for her would definitely be her courage. She isn't afraid to be herself and stick out. Even though what others think or say may bother her some, she doesn't let it stop her from being herself. The other big one is her imagination. In tough situations she uses it to think through ideas and the situations to try and find the best way to move forward. And when all's going well she uses it to have fun and enjoy herself. Determination is one that I'll put because once she decides on a course of action she is great with following it through to completion. Something that goes hand-in-hand with determination for me is her resourcefulness, and being able to find her own way of getting something done with what she has available. Optimism, it is rare for her not to see the good sides of people or situations and she always tries hard to bring it out. Last but not least I have to say her sense of humor. Sometimes it's simply to be silly, but she is also good with using to cheer people up. Competitive with herself mostly, and is always pushing herself to do better.

Weaknesses would be staying grounded. Her imagination is one of her greatest strengths but the flip side of it is that sometimes she can get so carried away she can forget something important or lose track of how much time she's spent that she ends up late or misses something entirely. Her first year at Hogwarts was especially hard being on the schedule, but despite getting a little better it is a work-in progress for her. Another one is not knowing when to back down, while it is good to stick up for friends sometimes she doesn't realize that she needs to let them stick up for themselves or will make a mountain out of a molehill. She almost needs a friend who isn't afraid to kind of pull her aside and talk her down when her temper gets going. Humphrey is that person for her when he's there, but something she's come to learn at Hogwarts is he has his own schedule and isn't always there when she needs him even though he tries his best. Casey's temper is the biggest weakness. Most of the time she is a cheerful, friendly person but when it gets riled she is rather a handful to deal with. While not violent or intending to hurt others she has rather a quick and sharp wit. Usually it's directed towards the positive side of things but the flip side's equally sharp and more than once she's had to make apologies for things she's said growing up. Guilt is the last one I'll put, because she will blame herself whether she's responsible or not if people she cared about or hurting and she either didn't notice or didn't know how to help.

Casey looked over at Humphrey who had a stopwatch in hand, waiting to time her on the mile long course they'd made over the summer. The course started at their treehouse, wound down through some trails they'd cleared and down to the pond before looping around and coming up a bit more hilly side of their property before returning to the start. Together they had made a banner and strung it up between some trees that had Casey's Course written on it. Each letter was in different colors because that's the way she liked it. Her brother met her look, and she smiled widely. "Start the clock, Humphy." she said, darting off like a shot the moment she heard the click. He, being a boy, thought the name sounded silly, but in her opinion it seemed much more friendly and suited him better than the full Humphrey did.

Alice usually ran the course with her, but this time Humphrey had put her into her kennel at her request. This was to see how much faster she'd gotten since last year when they'd done a similar thing. It was usually slightly different to mix it up, but the start was always the treehouse and the midpoint always the pond. Dashing between over roots, between trees, and around rocks Casey began pushing her muscles harder and harder. By the time she broke out of the forest and into the clear area before the pond she was already sweating and breathing pretty hard. The grass was slightly above ankle length but easy to push through, and even with it she was moving at a good clip towards the pond, the downslope at present making it almost a rest for her. "No taking it easy now, Casey." she said to herself, as she made the loop and started off through the hilly part of her run.

Compared to some parts of Scotland it was mild, but these were by no means easy slopes she had to go up and down. She was agile, light, and had on her favorite converse that had high ankles and were almost like thin boots really with how perfectly they secured her ankles and kept them from turning. Before she knew it she was racing through trees, following the little pieces of different colored tape they'd used to mark it and was then crossing the finish line. Panting as she tried to catch her breath, she laid back on the ground and stared up at the sky, chest rising and falling as she felt heart racing and ever so slightly beginning to slow. "H-how'd I do?" she asked, and her brother leaned down smiling at her.

"You were amazing, under seven minutes on a course that was by no means flat with plenty of obstacles. A full minute quicker than last year." he told her with a proud smile. Humphrey laid down next to her, putting his arm around her. "Next year you might have to train me, make sure I don't get slow in my old age." he said, teasingly.

"If you really want to I'd love that. Get used to being beaten Humphy, because I won't go easy." she said, smiling and giving him a challenging smirk of a smile.
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Lorelei Scamander
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Ravenclaw 7th Year
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PostSubject: Re: Casey Williams   Mon Jan 22, 2018 5:22 pm

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Casey Williams
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