Hogwarts: Golden Age

Years have passed since the fall of the dark lord. Peace has finally been achieved..or has it? Deatheaters arise again. Who's the leader this time? Who's the Saviour? Find out on Hogwarts: Golden Age
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 Rowan Nobel

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Rowan Nobel
Gryffindor 4th Year
Gryffindor 4th Year
Rowan Nobel

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PostSubject: Rowan Nobel   Sun Jan 21, 2018 11:44 pm

Rowan Nobel

Full Name: Rowan Charlotte Nobel
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 15, 2002
Age: 14
Blood: Halfblood
Birth Place: Witfield, England
Nationality: English
Current Residence: Witfield, England

Family: The Nobles are a well to do, werewolf family pack located in the mountains near the small community of Witfield. The Nobels run a quaint Bed and Breakfast, along with other shops in the community. When the pack first formed, Byron Nobel was chosen by the The Lycanthes to look over his own pack, like several others due to there being so many werewolves and packs in such a massively large world. Even though The Nobel pack is on their own, they are always under the control of the royal family, reporting to them now and then about how things are going. With his new wife and lifemate, Molly, they established their pack. Byron and Molly welcomed three children: Christopher, Jonas, and William. All three sons eventually married and added their children to the Nobel pack. The current Alpha of the Nobel pack is Jonas, with his lifemate, Dianna Fearson, as his Alpha female.

History: On a brisk autumn day, Jonas and Dianna welcomed their fourth child, a daughter, and named her Rowan Charlotte. The couple was overjoyed at being able to have a daughter after three sons, however the pregnancy had made them more than just a little worried. Werewolf pregnancies are often filled with fear and pain as the unborn child moves and attempts to shift, preparing for their first shift near immediately following birth. Such it had been for Dianna when she carried her sons: Lucas, Christian, and Jude. However, Dianna was worried for other reasons with Rowan. Never did she feel the baby attempt to shift and only felt small kicks and movements. Other older pack members tried to reassure her by reasoning that maybe the pup was just more laid-back from the other pups. Dianna and Jonas hung on to that, but when their daughter was born, it was apparent very quickly that something was very amiss with this little girl. For starters, Jonas noticed that the baby was very small in size and weight from the normal pup born to two born werewolves. The shifting that was normally immediate, or within a few hours, also never came. Jonas consulted his father, Byron, who recommended consulting the heads of The Lycanthes to see what they thought.

Welcoming William and Amelia Lycanthe to their small home, Jonas and Dianna allowed the Alphas to observe their daughter. Both Alphas took note that the female was small, very small, and had not yet shifted even though it had been four days since her birth. Her scent was also incredibly faint, present but hardly. While these things raised several concerns for them, Amelia noticed that Dianna seemed very happy with the new baby and that the baby seemed to be thriving and content with her life.

Pointing these things out to William, the Alphas decided that the child be allowed to live with her pack as one of them. They would also not talk about this odd pup with any other packs or elders, with the hope that she could live a normal life with as little questions about her as possible. They only asked that Jonas and Dianna check in with them from time to time to let them know how the baby was doing. Agreeing with the Alphas, Dianna and Jonas set out to care for this unique werewolf to the best of their abilities.

Rowan thus grew up in a loving home filled with wolf lore and life as well as magic. While she never shifted or showed any strong Lycanthropy, she was loved by her grandparents, parents, and her three older brothers. Rowan was taught to simply take her differences as they are and not let them define who she was. Both of her parents and three grandparents attended and graduated from Hogwarts. Jonas and Dianna we're not bit surprised when Rowan’s letter arrived. By the time Rowan reached Hogwarts, Lucas and Christan had already graduated and Jude was in his 5th year. Following her brothers, Rowan was sorted into Gryffindor, which made Jude pleased as he could keep a close watch on his little sister.

Appearance: Rowan is on the petite side in both height and stature with brown eyes and brown hair that is generally kept long. As compared to her brothers, she is also of fairer complexion. All these things seeming to tie to her being a 'runt’ of sorts. She generally goes for the casual dress that ranges from jeans to slacks to dresses, really whatever strikes her at the moment. Around her neck, she wears a white gold chain with her family crest as a charm. Rarely is she ever seen without it.

*Werewolf Traits* Unable to shift, not affected by the full moon, scent is present but very light and airy (similar to the smell of rain on the air when a spring storm is approaching: there but not), slightly heightened sense of smell, sight, and hearing, and instinct drive that is present but less than a normal born werewolf. Rowan has a form of double-recessive Lycanthropy that keeps her werewolf genes dormant. However, once her lifemate is found, these genes begin to activate, eventually bringing her into her own as a werewolf with everything that comes with being one. (All approved and reviewed by Anna)

Personality: Rowan is an open-minded, carefree, free-spirit and dreamer. She is fiercely loyal to family and friends, as friends are family one chooses. A go with the flow kind of girl, it is not beneath her to take matters into her own hands should the situation arise. Learning at a young age to be independent, that trait has grown with her, and while she sometimes finds herself lonely, she can quickly rectify that situation by seeking solace in her books or music. Gifted in piano, Rowan often plays music she simply hears or picks up over reading off sheet music. A truly caring and friendly soul, Rowan makes friends relatively easily. Rowan knows she is different, but she does not let those differences define who she is. Just like life in general, she takes what makes her different in stride and sees her differences as things that set her apart from others.

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Rowan Nobel
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