Hogwarts: Golden Age

Years have passed since the fall of the dark lord. Peace has finally been achieved..or has it? Deatheaters arise again. Who's the leader this time? Who's the Saviour? Find out on Hogwarts: Golden Age
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 Tessa Grey

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Tessa Grey
Slytherin 6th Year
Slytherin 6th Year
Tessa Grey

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PostSubject: Tessa Grey   Sun Jan 28, 2018 2:04 pm

Tessa Grey

Full Name:  Tessa Marie Grey
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 21 2000
Blood: Pureblood
Birth Place: London
Nationality: Englsih
Current Residence: London Grey Manor

The Grey's date to the pre 7th century. The bearers of the name in Scotland and Ireland were originally the Gaelic "riabhach", meaning "brindled or grey", translated to "Grey" or "Gray". The second origin of the modern name is from the place called "Graye" in Calvados, Normandy, so called from the Old Gallo-Roman personal name "Gratus" meaning "Welcome" or "Pleasing", with the suffix "acum" meaning settlement or village. Grey's come from a long line of noble pureblood. And they will do anything to keep their bloodline clean.

History: Tessa Grey was born to Elizabeth and Edward Grey. As she was an only child it wasn’t hard to spoil her. But her parents tried to make sure that she was grounded and didn’t become a brat. As she was had tutors from a young age. They wanted to make sure that she was ready for Hogwarts when she was old enough. She had everything that she wanted. But also had plenty of other pureblood  children to play with. Playing with others wasn’t hard for her, and her parents were glad. When she was eleven she had received her letter to Hogwarts. Her parents told her that any house at Hogwarts was the best. They wasn’t trying to make one house better. As they had no idea which one she would be in.

At the sorting ceremony she was sorted into the Slytherin house. She knew that it was a good house and she had her housemates if she needed help. Thankfully she was picking up on her classes. Making sure that she would get high marks. Trying to make her parents proud. When she was in her fifth year she took her OWLS. And knew that she did her best. And her marks proved that all the hard work pays off.

Appearance: Tessa has brown hair and brown eyes. She is 5’4 and her body type would be consider slender. Her dress style could be consider all over. As she dress how she was feeling that day.  But mostly she was drawn to the boho or the vintage clothing. As she was one who like to also stay up with the current trend. Because she like to think that she was a fashionista. And knew there was someone out there that was copying what she did. Tessa has a birth mark on the back of her neck. But you can’t see it unless she has her hair up. Because she has long hair.

- Candy- Tessa always had a sweet tooth. So candy was going to be something that she loved. Even though she knows that she can't have a lot of it. There is nothing like going to Honeydukes candy store.
  - Flowers  There was nothing better than to grow a flower from a seed. And they also smelled amazing. Also it was a way of taking care of something else.
  - Peanut Butter- Her love for peanut butter have grown. It just started as she like eating it on her sandwhich. Now she will eat it with carrots The girl always has a jar and will eat it with her fingers. She knows that her mum doesn't like when she gets into the jar.

  - Snakes This was Tessa knew that she sounded like any other girl. But snakes terrified her. To her a good snake was a dead on
  - Bugs- Tessa any bugs. As they are creepy and scary. She remember when she was younger that some boys will chase her with worms. She is one to get scared and overreact to them.
 - Spiders- Just like bugs Tessa can't stand them. Even if she sees she thinks that they are crawling on her. There has been times when she had to kill it herself.

  - Reading- Something that she has fell in love with. As she is always has a book. Her mum told her about the library at Hogwarts. Which was something that she was excited about. Because she knew that she would spend all of her time there.
  - Being a good friend: And it was because she was there for her friends no matter what
  - Staying positive: Tessa is a person who looks at the glass half full. So she looks on the brighter side of things. Even when things aren’t going her way.

  - Curious- somethings it get the best of her. And she doesn't know when to stop. It is because her mommy say it is just curiosity. And some things are better left a surprise.
  - Peaches-It is a fruit that she can't stand. She hates them so much that boys have been known to chase her with a peach. Also her mommy has fruit bowls. And one of them has peaches and she won't eat from that bowl.
  - Picky eater- Tessa can be picky about her foods. As there are sometimes she just doesn't want to eat. Spinach is something that she can't stand.

Positive traits:
  - Cheerful: Looking at the brighter side of everything. Even if it was hard
 - Quick learner: She had always been able to pick up things easily. So school was one that she would work hard at. As she understood what was going on. She would still study to make sure that she had the grades to prove it
- Friendly - Tessa doesn't know a stranger. She loves making other people smile. She always loves to give hugs and spread joy.

Negative traits:
  - Spoiled: She is an only child. So it was very easy to be spoiled. But she didn’t think that she was a brat.
  - Easily bored: Staying focus was something that was a problem for her. As she would get distracted.
  -Naive : Tessa sometimes natural and unaffected; innocent.

Since Tessa knew that next year Dominique was going to start school. She decided after the Halloween Ball at Hogwarts that she wanted to take her exploring all over Asia. Tessa knew that Dominique enjoyed Hogwarts, it was one of the school that was in the running. As she didn’t know where to send her. But she knew that Mimosa was going to be there; And she was Aza child. Tessa knew that they were good friends that it would be hard to tell Dominique that she couldn’t go to Hogwarts. So she decided that was where she was going. Tessa knew sending Dominique to her first year at Hogwarts was going to be hard for her. As this was a day that was going to happen. But she was going to spend the rest of the time making memories with her. And she knew that Dom would be home during breaks, so that made everything better.

Tessa could tell that Dominique was enjoying herself. As they were both learning about the different customs in the countries that they were visiting. But Japan was Dominique favorite.  Tessa has seen how much she was enjoying their time. That they would have to come back and make another trip. And she could tell that Dom was so excited to learn about it. As she attended a Japanese tea ceremony. Where she got to wear a kimono. There were so many things that Dom knew that she was overwhelmed. She even tried some sushi for the first time. It was something that she couldn’t eat all the time. But at least she could say that she tried it. As they were in Japan, she was trying to eat with chopsticks. At first it was something that she couldn’t pick up on. But she then was starting to become a pro at using them. And eating rice with them wasn’t so bad.

Dom was making sure that she was sending a postcard to Mimosa and Mercy. Just so they could be part of the travels. And it meant that she could search for them. As this meant that she was shopping and her mom would say no. And Dom knew that it was hard for her mom. As she was an only child. This was something that would never change, well at least at the moment. There were a lot of gifts from the different countries. And she wanted to share them with her friends. She would always remember this huge trip that she took with her mom. Her mom had found her a photo book to keep all of her pictures in. So that she could always remember the trip to Asia, as she knew that it would happen again. And she knew that there were other places that she wanted to go. But she knew that they would have to wait. As she was going to school. But she wanted to become a world traveler. Just so she could say that she has been everywhere in the world. It wasn’t like she just visited the wizarding parts, but also the Muggle.
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Lorelei Scamander
Ravenclaw 7th Year
Ravenclaw 7th Year
Lorelei Scamander

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PostSubject: Re: Tessa Grey   Mon Jan 29, 2018 5:44 pm

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Tessa Grey
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