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Years have passed since the fall of the dark lord. Peace has finally been achieved..or has it? Deatheaters arise again. Who's the leader this time? Who's the Saviour? Find out on Hogwarts: Golden Age
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 Annabeth Montez

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Annabeth Montez
Ravenclaw 5th Year
Ravenclaw 5th Year
Annabeth Montez

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PostSubject: Annabeth Montez   Sun Jan 28, 2018 2:30 pm

Annabeth Montez

Full Name: Annabeth Helena Montez
Gender: Female
Birthday: 1st May 2001
Age:  15
Blood: Pureblood
Birth Place: Scotland
Nationality: Scottish
Current Residence: Scotland

Family: This family is very complicated. So let me explain you why. So Annabeth parents are Oliver Montez(46, Pureblood, Auror), and mother is Agnes Wellington(43, Pureblood, Healer). Her parents used to be married but they divorced when Annabeth was two. Her father got custody of her. She didn't have any siblings back then. Anyways now her father has remarried with a woman named Anette Gray, with whom her father had three kids, Marcus Montez(11 years, Pureblood, Hogwarts Student), Meribel Montez(10 years, Pureblood, Kid) and Olivia Montez(8 years, Pureblood, Kid). Her mother other hand keeps changing husbands even more often, she can't be loyal. Anyways so from her side, she has like seven halfsiblings: Felicity Gray(11 years, Pureblood, Hogwarts Student), Andres Daniels(7 years, Halfblood, Kid), Annabell Daniels(6 years, Halfblood, kid), Veronica Delores (4 years, Halfblood, kid), Vanessa Delores(4 years, Halfblood, Kid), Maria Wellington (2 years, Pureblood, kid), Lucas Wellington (6 months, Pureblood, kid).
This is her family even if Annabeth is close only with Marcus, Meribel, and Olivia from her halfsiblings since she lives with them.

Montez family has been around for centuries but they have mostly died out by now. There is a very few of them around who are purebloods. They aren't really very known family. They haven't done much for the family. One day this family might even die out or become half-blood. Even if Annabeth's father wants to keep it pure as long as possible, even if right now who can really carry out Montez family name is Annabeth's half-brother Marcus since her father has no siblings who could do it, they all are dead or then they have turned their kids into half-blood. Her family doesn't mind half-bloods or muggle-borns really but they still wanna keep family pure as long as possible.

Annabeth was born as I said to Oliver Montez and Agnes Wellington, who did divorce when Annabeth was two. Over years girl has got herself so many half-siblings and she is close only with three of them. When she was four her father did remarry and she wasn't really against it. She did like her stepmother actually since she wasn't evil or anything like that. Not even then when she had her own kids with her father. Anyways Annabeth seems to be more close with her stepmother anyways than with her own mother. She hasn't seen her own biological mother anyways for years.

The girl has always know that she is from pureblood family and that she has magic in herself. This hasn't been a secret in her family. She discovered the magic in herself when she was a week away from being five, she made her doll to fly around the room accidentally. It was fun and interesting experiences for the girl for sure. Ever since then she has been careful with her magic since she doesn't really wanna get into much trouble because of it. She just didn't wanna make things fly or anything like that anymore even if it was fun.

Anyways when the girl finally turned eleven she was accepted to Hogwarts. Her school year has been interesting ones for sure. If you ask her then she has had so much fun there for sure. She also has learned so much new about magic there. So far she is the fifth year and she knows she will have exams end of her school year and she is actually quite prepared for it. She doesn't hate anything about the school. She knows that her half-brother started school even this year and she tries to be there for him so much as she can. Oh, and she was sorted into Ravenclaw house.

Appearance: Annabeth has long blonde hair, what most of the times is a bit of curly. She does have it sometimes straight too only when she has straightened them but she is usually to lazy do it. Her eye color is hazel and she has white/pale skin.
She is slim one for sure, she is really very tall one too only 5'2". So many say she is younger than she really is. Anyways she doesn't mind her short height, it can become handy at times.
She is the girl who likes to wear dresses most of her day when she doesn't have to wear her school uniform of course. She is the very girly person for sure. She loves color pink, purple and white even on her clothes. She doesn't mind pants but you can see her wearing them barely.

Personality: Annabeth is the girl who is friendly and kind towards everyone who she meets. She doesn't really wanna be mean or rude towards people but if she really hates you or you get too long on her nerves then she can be mean too. She can't stand when people bully others for no reason. She just can't do it. This is against her nature. She is very loyal and trustworthy person even for sure. You can trust your secrets to her. She won't tell them without good reason to someone third. Anyways she even pretty smart one for sure. She knows more than she might show out. She just doesn't really like to stand out every single day in her classes. She lets another answer to questions too. Over years she has become brave one for sure, she doesn't give up on challenges or risks in her life. She will always do her best. Oh and she is also very stubbron one, once she has set her mind of something then it's very hard to changes her view. Well you could even say she is very hardworking one.

I don't need to do this. I have Macey. Thank you for reading my application!
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Lorelei Scamander
Ravenclaw 7th Year
Ravenclaw 7th Year
Lorelei Scamander

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PostSubject: Re: Annabeth Montez   Mon Jan 29, 2018 6:04 pm

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Annabeth Montez
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