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Years have passed since the fall of the dark lord. Peace has finally been achieved..or has it? Deatheaters arise again. Who's the leader this time? Who's the Saviour? Find out on Hogwarts: Golden Age
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 Pandora Abhorsen

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Pandora Abhorsen

Pandora Abhorsen

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PostSubject: Pandora Abhorsen   Sat Feb 07, 2015 8:09 pm

Pandora Abhorsen

Full Name: Pandora Sabriel Abhorsen
Gender: Female
Birthday: January 3rd
Age:  23-Physically, 17,000-mentally-vampire
Blood: Pureblood
Birth Place: Greece
Nationality: Greek
Current Residence: Unknown

Family: The abhorsen family is a very old, forgotten family that travelled around place to place, finding the most worthy person to join their family and give birth to more of them before dropping them or keeping them. They're an insane family that focus more on their anger and hatred than any other emotion. They're strategic and tactical as well as magical and filled with necromancy darkness.

History: Pandora was born in the deep ruins of an old Greek Temple, immediately becoming the light of the family due to how special that was back then. She adored everything which struck the family as odd, only being able to see Pandora's anger when it's prodded out of her. With the Abhorsen family, their anger is sudden and sometimes no cause for it and the grandmother of Pandora found this odd and in a sense, wrong. Over the space of a month, the grandmother constantly fed Pandora vampire blood without her knowing it before it became a full moon. On the full moon, they laid her on the alter of the old temple she was born in, they cut each shoulder once before cutting her thighs and then she was stabbed in the chest. Then the grandmother poured the blood of the Original Berserker (What the family was-Rage induced creatures) into her wounds and slowly, the vampire and berserker blood set to work. The moment she awoke, Pandora let out an animalistic roar that held a strong rage and hunger. She ended up slaughtering the people in the village next to them. This caused them to move around more than usual, letting Pandora pick up spells and bits of knowledge as they went along.
Over the years, her control of magic and rage got stronger whilst her beauty grew. Her beauty and power had met the years of a man with bright red eyes named Lazarus. He realized this woman was too powerful and needed to be taken down and ordered men to create a crypt with four large bulky chains that would be connected to four enchanted pillars, making it impossible for her to break them. He decided to find Pandora and trick her into thinking he loved her which succeeded. She wanted love more than anything back then and would grasp at anything for it. She joined him at his castle, he proposed to which she accepted and showed her around. She asked what was below them and he grinned, taking her down to show after saying it was her bedroom. Seeing the crypt, she realized it was all a trick and the rage grew strong within her but it was too late. Lazarus used his magic to make the chains grip Pandora's wrists and ankles, throwing her back into the crypt. The lid slammed down, more chains covered it and locks formed. Three more men appeared, dropping their blood into the locks which immediately sealed them and they began chanting, making it known to her that the time she would be able to be released was on her 2000th birthday but they laughed as they said so. No one would ever know of her existence in the old castle. All those years, she screamed and screamed to be released, whispering the names of the four men. 'Lazarus, Balathazar, Dracul and Azazel.'
But they were wrong. Reaper Rogue Grimm had found her in the end, promising to be her guardian and make sure he'd find the ones who belonged to the prophecy. 
"Three children of demon blood
Three children of blackened hearts
Three children of serpent tongues
Three children to unleash the beast." ~ Just a rough draft of the copy. Will make something more...perfect.

Appearance: Dark brown hair, almost black, bright blue eyes, slightly tanned skin, slim muscular figure, tall, fast, agile, strong. Enjoys wearing long dresses but now likes, tight clothing with holders for her weapons.

Personality: Pandora is a vicious soul, seeking revenge whenever she can get it. She is loyal, protective and possessive as well as very, very insane. She's smart, a quick thinker and unafraid to unleash her fury on those who cross her. She seeked love once upon a time but now seeks only death and destruction, justice and chaos wherever she stands. She loves the taste of blood and hates traitors.

Pandora tugged hard on the chains that cut her wrists constantly. The pillars cracked and groaned before the magic fixed them all over again and she let out yet another roar. ''LET ME OUT OF HERE, YOU SONS OF BITCHES SO I CAN RIP YOUR SPINES FROM YOUR BODIES WITH MY BARE HANDS!'' She screamed, hearing someone laugh which made her grunt in response. Lazarus appeared, crouched over her allowing him to see through the eyeholes of the crypt. ''My, My...what a disgusting little mouth you have, Pandora.'' He teased and Pandora growled, baring her sharp teeth at him. ''I'll rip your throat out, bastard. I'll make you watch me rip your friends hearts out of their chest! I'll make you watch me eat it!'' She shouted. ''THEN I'LL KILL YOU OR HECK, PUT YOU IN THIS CRYPT INSTEAD OF ME!'' She yelled even more, throat barely even getting hoarse and Lazarus laughed, cutting his wrist and let his blood drop onto her lips. ''Just eat, Pandora. Can't have you die from hunger, now can I? No...you need an everlasting hell!'' Lazarus chuckled darkly, walking back upstairs, where large doors slammed shut, blocking anyone from hearing her screams. ''I'LL KILL YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE IN THIS FUCKING CASTLE. I'LL KILL YOU ALL! I PROMISE YOU THAT.''
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Aida De Clermont
Hogwarts Staff
Hogwarts Staff
Aida De Clermont

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PostSubject: Re: Pandora Abhorsen   Sat Feb 07, 2015 8:18 pm


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Pandora Abhorsen
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