Hogwarts: Golden Age

Years have passed since the fall of the dark lord. Peace has finally been achieved..or has it? Deatheaters arise again. Who's the leader this time? Who's the Saviour? Find out on Hogwarts: Golden Age
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 Cleopatra Andomera

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PostSubject: Cleopatra Andomera   Mon Feb 09, 2015 4:07 pm

Cleopatra Andomera

Full Name: Cleopatra Andomera
Gender: Female
Birthday:  12th January 1993
Age:  22
Blood: Pureblood
Birth Place: France, Paris
Nationality: British
Current Residence: England, London

Family: Her father is Felix Andomera, who died when Cleo was just six years old girl. She took it the most seriously since she was very close with him.
Her mother Cassandra Helster (Deloross), still lives but have been married twice.
Older brother Daniel Andomera. He is 26 years old.
She has younger half-brother Peter Melrose, who is in Fourth year Slytherin.
Then there is younger half-sister Danielle Helster. Who is secomd year Slytherin.

History: Cleopatra was as until her six years of life nice little girl. Then her father died and she never get know how. Her mother never talked about it. Anyways after that she totally changed. She became evil and was never nice one again. Always was so mean and manipulative. Even her own mother was afraid of her soon. Her brother stayes on her side. After years passing and when she was 8 her mother re-married and that marrige lasted just for two years. She still had half brother who she hated. Few months later Cassandr married again and this time marrige last for six years. At the moment her mother isn't married. Oh from her last marrige she had halfsister Danielle. Who Cleo doesn't like either.

Her school years were quite good ones. She actually had more enemies than friends. Shs was sorted into slytherin house. For a second even sorting hat wantes to put her Gryffindor but she was totally aginst that idea. So at the end it shouted out Slytherin. She passed her exams witb A's mostly. Few E's were to like History of Magic and Alchemy. Others were A's.  

After graduating she haven't done much. She still decidea what to do. She livea her own apartment, her mother couldn't live with her. So she gave girl lots of momey as Hogwarts Graduating. She joined with DE already is second year in Hogwarts and still is member. She is waiting new leader to raise. She lives her life  same time. Her relationdhips never last more than two weeks. She likes her lifestyle so far. No work, always fun.

Appearance: She has brown hair and brown hair. She has bit darker skin, not very pale one. She is in average height, around 168 cm. Her weight is about 50kg. She isn't fat, nor is skinny, she is somewhere middle there. She likes to wear dresses but if needed wears pants too. Shw likea high heels but can wear other ahoes too. She wears most of times dark make up.

Personality: Cleopatra is someone with who you don't wanna mess with. She isn't really the nicest one on earth. Also she doesn't like to forgive for people. If you are on her bad list then you stay there for ever. And if you are on good side you can still become part of her bad list if you mesa or make her made or insult her. She have became quite selfish bitch over years. She is quite stubborn but she onows when there is limits for things. She have always been evil ome too. Shw likes to manipulate with people.

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Cleopatra Andomera
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