Hogwarts: Golden Age

Years have passed since the fall of the dark lord. Peace has finally been achieved..or has it? Deatheaters arise again. Who's the leader this time? Who's the Saviour? Find out on Hogwarts: Golden Age
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 Asher Ares

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Asher Ares
Shop Owner
Shop Owner
Asher Ares

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PostSubject: Asher Ares   Thu Feb 19, 2015 11:24 am

Asher Ares

Full Name: Asher Ares
Gender: male
Birthday: April 18 1995
Age: 20
Blood: muggle born
Birth Place: London England
Nationality: British
Current Residence: London England

Family: Asher grew up on his own his mother died when he was little and his father was always busy. So he mainly grew up by himself when he turned 11 and found out he would be going to hogwarts he was happy. He soon left and his father never even noticed.

History: Asher grew up by himself mostly his dad was around but he never saw him since he was always busy with work. Asher's mom died when he was a kid so he never knew her. He has seen photos but nothing more. When he turned 11 he was happy that he would get to go to hogwarts. His father never even noticed he was gone.
Though out all his years he never made any real friends because people said he was to cocky and a jerk. But he liked the way he was. He had maybe one or two close friends but nothing more. He was to much of a jerk and he never cared for anyone but himself which was mostly true but he never cared.
When he graduated he had a few rouge jobs here and there but never really liked them. But one day some random guy came to him and started talking to him he got along with this guy and he took him and Asher joined the death eaters knowing they where stronger and had a better chance at wining but after a while he left and now just owns a muggle shop. Not wanting to be a part of the war or the battle so he stays hidden in his own little cafe.

Appearance: Dirty blonde hair and brown eyes, 6 foot 7 and sort pale

Personality: Asher is a cocky person never really caring for anyone but himself. He doesn't really care for all this wizarding shit he mainly sicks to muggle stuff he is a jerk to people who piss him off and doesn't like being told what to do. He has a cafe in muggle London not telling anyone that he can do magic cause he doesn't really do it anymore.

Asher looked down at the ground gripping his wrist trying to stay calm some dude came into his shop and threatened his costumers. He growled he could easily grab that damn wand behind the counter and kill him but he wouldn't. He walked to the man and punched him hard knocking him back. He heard a little girl gasp and a mother say don't look.

Asher's eyes were dark he glared at the man "You do not come into my cafe and threaten my costumers." he growled and punched him again. He then picked the man up by his jacket and threw him truly threw him out the door.

He walked back to the little girl and pulled a sucker out. "Sorry bout that sweetie" He smiled and nodded to the mother "Order anything its on me" He spoke and walked back to the counter cracking his neck. He hated it when people scared his costumers.
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Amelia Noble

Amelia Noble

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PostSubject: Re: Asher Ares   Thu Feb 19, 2015 11:26 am

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Asher Ares
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