Hogwarts: Golden Age

Years have passed since the fall of the dark lord. Peace has finally been achieved..or has it? Deatheaters arise again. Who's the leader this time? Who's the Saviour? Find out on Hogwarts: Golden Age
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 Kila Celina

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Kila Celina
Ravenclaw 5th Year
Ravenclaw 5th Year
Kila Celina

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PostSubject: Kila Celina    Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:55 pm

Kila Celina

Full Name: Kila Celina
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 16th
Age: 14
Blood: Pure
Birth Place: Rome, Italy
Nationality: Italian

Family:Kila's family is just her and her mother Kila's father died when she was young so now its just her and her mother. One thing no one knows about Kila is where she comes from and who she really is. Kila is the princess of Rome making her mother the queen. She doesn't want anyone finding out so she doesn't tell anyone the only people who know of who she is, is the headmistress.  But she had asked the headmistress not to tell anyone.

History: Kila is a princess she always adored riding Horses and other stuff when she was 11 and got her letter she was very happy her and her mother went to Hogwarts together to ask the headmistress to not speak a word of how Kila was a princess or of her true last name because then people would know. When the headmistress agree Kila started her first year making sure no one knew her last name or her real one and that she was a princess. She goes home all the time to visit her mother but always gets to her classes. When she turned 13 that's when it first started Kila's family is apparently seers and that Kila is the next one it seems to always skip a generation so her mother was not a seer but Kila is. Since Kila's grandmother has passes she has no one to teach her how to control her powers.

Appearance: Dark brown hair going below her shoulder blades, Soft chocolate brown eyes and pale skin.

Personality: Kila is a sweet girl and is very proper just how she was raised. She loves to ride horses and dragons since her mother has many of each. She loves to sing with all her heart and you will always find this sweet girl in the library or in the forest. Even though she doesn't understand them she loves to be around animals. She has her own pet which is a wolf a very tamed wolf. That Kila herself trained her and her wolf named Edmund are always together even if she is meant to have her wolf at school. Her mother wasn't found of Edmund at first but grew use to him. Kila loves to being in the air flying and such and is a very quiet girl as well never speaking much to strangers always scared they will figure out who she truly is.

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Scarlyt Abhorsen

Scarlyt Abhorsen

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PostSubject: Re: Kila Celina    Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:56 pm

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Kila Celina
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