Hogwarts: Golden Age

Years have passed since the fall of the dark lord. Peace has finally been achieved..or has it? Deatheaters arise again. Who's the leader this time? Who's the Saviour? Find out on Hogwarts: Golden Age
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 Myrnin Proctor

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Myrnin Proctor

Myrnin Proctor

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Myrnin Proctor

Full Name: Myrnin Azlyn Proctor
Gender: Female
Birthday: 5th November
Age:  22
Blood: Squib - Family is pureblood.
Birth Place: Oxford
Nationality: British
Current Residence: Oxford 

Family: The Proctor family was quite a quiet family, sticking to just enhancing their talents instead of boasting. They obsessed over things until they were picture perfect. They hosted wonderful balls but would only watch from their chairs whilst everyone mingled. The males of the Proctor family were possessive, controlling their women until it came to their projects.

History: Myrnin was born in Oxford on the 5th of November. Ever since she was born, she had an affinity with Alchemy, potions, science and maths. That's all she spoke about and all she ever loved. She fought hard to be perfect for her family to excel in potions as well as magic. She went to normal school at first before going to Durmtrang, quite a forgotten school, always at the top of her class. She did all this along with training to be a good fighter as when she was 12, she was cast aside from her family for a reason she can't remember. They still gave her money and weaselled her into school but other than that, they completely ignored her. Myrnin hated this. When she turned 17, she went home to see her entire house a blood bath. Before she could even let out a cry of fright, a freezing cold hand clamped onto her mouth and another knocked her out. When she awoke, she was tied to a wall with large chains and vampires sped across the room, sick twisted smiles on their pale faces. They looked ill, insane and they reeked. Rouges - Myrnin had deducted. After a month, they threw her into a cage. They took her captive until she turned 21 but they'd already twisted and broken her, making her mind become more insane and obsessive than it was before. They had taken a pint of her blood every single day, healed up her wounds so the scars were the only reminder and kept her locked up in a cage where all she had was books. Coming out of hiding, twitching and too skittish to be in crowds, the witch hunters had found her, took her in and learned of her fighting skills and then her intelligence along with her mental state. They kept her hidden in the compound, allowing her to train and make potions, being apart of a special project that was top secret. Myrnin had subjects, testing out her creations and locked them aside for further use or just disposed of them. Sacrifices had to be made. She never told them that she was a witch, hating them for never searching for one of the last Proctor's, hating them for never saving her when squibs and muggles did.

Appearance: Light brown wavy hair that reaches her hips, multiple scars on her body as well as tattoos, light blue eyes that darken when she's in her crazy moods. Slim, muscular from the training, lightly tanned and tall. Likes wearing darker clothes, leather or skin tight but also likes wearing flowy white shirts much like a pirate style with corsets.

Personality:  Myrnin is quite an insane woman. She has mood swings quite often and when in her crazy mood, is better to be left alone. When she obsessives over something, she literally obsessives; spending hours or even days awake before her 'mission' is accomplished. When in her normal mood, she can be quite caring if someone passes through the cuckoo. She can be seductive, luring people into her lab to test on them or use them for experiments. She also has a thing for blood due to her past...She is quite polite at times and proud. She can be manipulative but that's rare. She adores animals; especially predators and keeps a wolf and multiple snakes as pets.

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Myrnin Proctor
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