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Years have passed since the fall of the dark lord. Peace has finally been achieved..or has it? Deatheaters arise again. Who's the leader this time? Who's the Saviour? Find out on Hogwarts: Golden Age
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 Maximus "Maxi" Xaviers ~ Kris's chari

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Maximus Xavier

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PostSubject: Maximus "Maxi" Xaviers ~ Kris's chari   Thu Mar 26, 2015 1:02 pm

Maximus "Maxi" Xavier

Full Name:Maximus "Maxi" Xavier
Birthday: the current year is 2015
Age:9 1/2 or so he looks
Blood:Pureblood (unknown) ~ veela (known)
Birth Place:??? ~ found and raised in Paris, Fance, until got lost during a raid and found by myrnin
Nationality:French (raised there), Russian (presumed birthplace), Citizenship in England more recently

Family:Maxi has unkown origin roots. He was living in an orphanage after being found for years. A raid united him with his friend and mentor Myrnin. They just kinda meshed and he sorta sticks close to her. Is unofficially adopted by Myrnin and her little frenchie. Honestly she is the only family or resemblance of one that he is aware of. So by association his family is anyone who is myrnins family.

History: He was found as a newborn tucked in blankets inside a basket with a lid that had holes for breathing. This basket was floating down the river during a storm and when the storm was clear it floated down the river that turned into a stream that flowed through the french royal hunting grounds. The basket he was in was found by the a hand maiden of the royal court of france while she was out and about on castle grounds. Crying from the nearby stream as the basket, after storm passed, would draw the handmaiden his way. She spotted the basket where the crying was from and brought it ashore.When she opened the basket she saw the most adorable baby wrapped in blankets and with wide eyes and silken blond fluffs of locks on his head. The handmaiden took the child to the orphanage where he was raised for several years. The basket was cold and had melting snow upon it. No other clues to where the baby had come from. Years later a raid led to a child name maxi meeting a witch hunter named myrnin. They oddly connected and Maxi trains under Myrnin despite his young age eagerly as her alchemy student. Having little interest in anything else the woman does.

Appearance:see image

Personality: *kind
*easy going
*has a big heart
*happy go lucky
*sees the bright side of things except where his sisters lockup is concerned
*strong willed ~ due to upbringing
*musicianally passionate
*passionate about things he loves or believes
*quiet until he gets to know you
More can be learned over storyline.

kris note: its a maxi post from a thread with myrnin on another site.
Maximus was not sure how to take this beautiful female. She was hard to wrap around and even harder to keep his inner ball of turmoil from showing. Yet at the same time she was different and that was refreshing. He never knew what she was going to say..or do...next. She seemed nice over all and he could almost see being her friend. Odd as that sounded. He felt a sense of hesitation when his mind replayed that thought. His last friends just vanished and abandoned him. He loved making friends and being shy made it harder to do so. He flushed more when he felt under her visual microscope. What could she see that he could not? He knew that this woman seemed to be in a reality version all her own. An outside the tiny box the rest of the world was stuck in. It was strangely relaxing.

He smiled softly then was quizzical. Why did she keep writing things down. "Excuse me miss? Are you by any chance a scientist? I am just curious is all." He said with a shy yet kind tone. A warmth there as well as genuine curiousity. He noticed she relaxed...though he was completely oblivious to the reason why...and he relaxed as well. He laughed and rubbed the back of his hoodie. A sweet and heart lifting laugh. "Well there is the bigger reason of the fact I should be in school right now miss. As well as in France. Nor did I really tell anyone. Amongst some other reasons." He said with innocent yet truthful honesty.

He was a crappy liar anyways and didn't even know how to lie to start with. He would be in trouble with Headmistress Lakeesha Miller later on he was sure. He had been a good boy student since day one so hopefully not too much so. "Yeah. My friends...when I had some before they all vanished on me..."A slight trail off her and sorrowful tremor flickered through his voice before he shook his head and shook it off. "...as well as my sister call me Maxi. Would you like to be my friend?" He asked before he realized what he said. He meant it but hadn't actually meant to say it. "That is really cool. Not many know the meaning of my name." He said with a bit of excitement and delight in his tone.

Again that bright smile that lit up his face entirely crossed his features before going back to hiding away again. His eyes widened in shock as she pulled him by the arms into the shadows with her. Shadows are protection? Well....maybe? "Nice to meet you Myrnin. That is a pretty name." He said. "Um...." he said. Rather thrown for a loop when she spoke. She decided for him and he couldn't really keep up enough to say a negating statement. Besides he really needed help and she seemed like a really nice person. He would have to take the chance. Since she didn't seem to recognize him or just didn't care.

Plus there was that desire to make friends with her. "Alright. If you really don't mind helping me. I am grateful for your help. THough I mut insist on buying you lunch though since where I need to go I think is quite far from here." He said with a small smile. "Would that be alright? Then I can make it up to you for being rude on accident. Plus you are going to help me and I really appreciate that."
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Pandora Abhorsen


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PostSubject: Re: Maximus "Maxi" Xaviers ~ Kris's chari   Fri Mar 27, 2015 10:12 am


Once the shepherds are dead, the sheep fall prey to wolves
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Maximus "Maxi" Xaviers ~ Kris's chari
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