Hogwarts: Golden Age

Years have passed since the fall of the dark lord. Peace has finally been achieved..or has it? Deatheaters arise again. Who's the leader this time? Who's the Saviour? Find out on Hogwarts: Golden Age
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 Arivante Rasputin

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Arivante Rasputin
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Ministry Staff
Arivante Rasputin

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PostSubject: Arivante Rasputin   Sun Mar 29, 2015 3:06 pm

Arivante Rasputin

Full Name:Arivante Rasputin
Gender:male but crossdresses frequently and is flamboyantly gay
Birthday: April Fools Day, 1996
Age: 19 by human standards
Blood:half giant - unknown blood type but is presumed pureblood.
Birth Place: unknown is a ward of the united kingdom and scotland
Nationality: English due to ward of the state
Current Residence:unknown

Family:He is a ward of the state. His origins are unknown. He was tossed from foster home to foster home. He really has no one he calls family. He connected to Hagrid during his school years. So that is the closest to family that he really has. He doesn't know if Hagrid even remembers him nor acknowledges him as family but in his mind that guy was the only family he had. Larunda is the only true family he has. Even then its a complicated relationship. She is the older sister and he the little brother but really you wouldn't get any of that out of him.

History: Arivante has been a ward of the state since he was younger. In and out of trouble his entire life. He ended up bounced from foster home to foster home. He learned quickly he was not worth loving due to the fact even as a boy he was very interested in other boys. He was never shy about this. He just seemed more drawn to them. He kissed...in an entirely innocent way...his friend when he was five. His foster parents at the time found out and beat him badly. Throwing him out the very next day. He was later called on by social services...a few months later...and dragged off to yet another foster home.

When he received his Hogwart's acceptance letter he was delighted. Years of bouncing from foster house to foster house and ending up in juvie a time or two made it harder for him to get attached to people. He was happy to go off to somewhere else. Couldn't be worse than foster home bouncing could it? He graduated hogwarts a couple years ago and has been indulging in every sin under the sun. Mastered various magics but was not serious in any of them. Specializing in mercenary work he was often employed by the ministry but now and then a deatheater mission came his way. He doesn't discriminate and will take a job whether its against witch or wizard. He has nothing to lose which makes him extremely dangerous but perhaps in time this will change.

Eye color: blue
Body type:see image
Height: 5' 9" (human height) If race approved will add other dimensions
Dress Style: crossdressing, wears guy clothes also, dolling out. cosplaying

Personality:Character Likes: saying no especially to those who hate that word, men, certain types of women, pain, being one of the girls, dresses, cosplaying, making the straight boys gay for a night

Character dislikes: goody two shoes, most women, people telling him that he needs to settle down, committed relationships, acting entirely mature, being unable to cause mischief or mayhem

Strengths: looking sexy in a dress or ladies clothes, cosplaying, dark arts, dueling, bouncing back from pain, silver tongue, mind games, pissing people off, mercenary work, assassian techniques, seduction, being one of the girls, *if race approved will add here*

Weaknesses: is a masochist, settling down, getting attached to people never a strong suit, his temperment, is flamboyant and feminine, sensitive but hides it with harsh words, masculinity is hard for him as even when not crossdressing he reacts more like a girl than a boy *if race is approved will add here*

Arivante looked at him and stayed neutral tempered so he didn't give Samuel, his mentor and boss, more reason to be angry. He nodded his head. "It is still the truth. My primary occupation is a mercenary." He said firmly. He moved his head to see Samuel was leaning against the wall next to him. He wouldn't lie to his mentor and savior. Not him...to Diablo maybe...not to Samuel. The man who saved him when the one he expected to hadn't. He still couldn't bring himself to hate Diablo for that...no matter how much Samuel told him he had every right to. He just couldn't. Probably never would. He listened to him speak and sighed. "It was inevitable...yet unfortunate. Indeed it does deserve punishment getting captured." He admitted. Squealing a bit cutely when his shirt was ripped off and couldn't resist the comment he said right afterwards. "Kinky boss...kinky." He smirked a bit.

Yelping and mewled at the strike and shivered from the sparks. Electricity charged...bit worse. He looked at him. "He is the Undersecretary directly beneath the Minister. My ex-boyfriend from school..ex-booty call..haven't seen him in over four years before then. Guy used to be the one I loved and cared about. The man I knew then and loved is no more...this new guy is scarier and more dangerous. A wolf in sheeps clothing fits him well mentor." He said before maoning as he was struck again. Pain and pleasure caused a shiver to go through him.

Moaning as he was getting off on the pain from his punishment. "His name is Diablo Salazar. He is 32 years old...still has feelings for the Arivante he once new. The submissive one that you helped become the way I am now. He is one hellava good f**k. Has a curved dick. He is a pure dominate male whose never had to take it up the ass." He moaned out from the sparks. He looked Samuel dead in the eyes. "What do you want to know boss? I have no loyalties to that man...he is not the Diablo I once knew and no longer love...even if I still love the sex." He said wit ha smirk.

its a post from another site with an alternate version of arivante.

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Larunda Valdez
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Head of Department
Larunda Valdez

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PostSubject: Re: Arivante Rasputin   Sun Mar 29, 2015 3:42 pm


“It did not do to think, nor, for the matter of that, to feel. She gave up trying to understand herself, and joined the vast armies of the benighted, who follow neither the heart nor the brain…"
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Arivante Rasputin
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