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Years have passed since the fall of the dark lord. Peace has finally been achieved..or has it? Deatheaters arise again. Who's the leader this time? Who's the Saviour? Find out on Hogwarts: Golden Age
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 Marshal Slytherin *tessa approved this* ~done outside pending approvals*

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Marshal Slytherin
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Slytherin 1st Year

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PostSubject: Marshal Slytherin *tessa approved this* ~done outside pending approvals*   Mon Apr 06, 2015 12:56 pm

(unicorn horn hidden by bangs and glamour magic when in human form)
Marshal Salvza Slytherin

Full Name:Marshal Salvza Slytherin
Birthday: Hard to say because he is still a baby unicorn but been around longer than 11 years his human form shows....it was winter solstice or early spring when he was delivered...anita moore knows more perhaps
Age:11...ish...its mostly his human appearance he lived longer than he aged
Blood:Full Unicorn *preapproved* ~ Halfblood
Birth Place:Forbidden Forest...not known outside glimpses of the unicorn form. anita moore only one who knows for sure he exists
Nationality:Forbidden Forestian? English? LOL

Family:Mother - Cereledia (pureblood unicorn) ~was secretly bonded to Anita Moore
Father - Gergori Vanders (pureblood/human) ~living
Godparent/Guardian Anita Moore

family history will be added in more detail upon the rest of admins agreeing with tessa Very Happy

History: Marshall's mother was a unicorn who was seduced in her human form by a human male. His father fell in love with his mother and helped her raise their son. He was a rebellious child but loving despite this. He grew up learning to fight and how to use very basic magic from his father. Whereas he learned healing from his mother. When his parents were killed and his mother's horn stolen he vanished deeper into the Forbidden Forest that they lived in and on the far edges of away from Hogwarts. He stayed primarily in his unicorn form. His horn he hides with glamor and he has never let anyone in. Is a loner by nature but still in his own way is searching for that place to fit in. Over the years off and on stood on the edges of Hogwarts in human form people watching the adults then vanishing when any looked his way.

The past year before his eleventh birthday he has ventured out the forest in his human form more and more often. However when Hogwarts was destroyed and most of the forest he fled to the far edges. He doesn't remember what happened. All he clearly remembers before the school was rebuilt was warm arms...sleeping and waking in the arms of some lady who he thinks is an angel and vaguelly recalls having once dealt with his birht mommy. He stays mostly in unicorn form and is rarely seen outside a few glimpses here and there. His birth father is in the wind and now that he has come of age he is skittishly running form the owls with the weird rectangles...the only one who knows he exists and that he is the boy watching form the shadows is headmistress Anita Moore.


Hair Color: Blond
Hair Style: Varies but generally its long and a bit shaggy
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 4'4"?
Weight: ???
Clothes Style: Whatever the centaurs give him, whatever he can find
Special Features: His nearly three inch slender unicorn horn that's hidden by several glamors.


*playing the harp or flute
*knows the Forbidden Forest from the inside out
*knows the herbs and where to found them located within the forbidden forest
*spending time inside the forest versus outside it
*helping not harming...protecting not huritng...but like a snake he is able to be dangerous without notice if you ignore the warning signs.

Dislikes:*people touching his horn
*seeing others drink unicorns blood
*others know about his other form (unicorn)
*when he seemingly forgets how to speak around beautiful females
*muggles (normal humans)
*people who drink unicorns blood

*playing the harp or flute beautiful
*shifting (to unicorn)
*glamor to hide horn (unless can see through such magic)
*living through shit that should've killed him
*healing (self)
*healing (others)
*detoxification (venom and poisons)
*immune to poisons/toxins
*when you least expect it his nature from his father shows...he can be extremely cunning and sly. protective and dangerous given the right motivations. despite being skittish he has been taught bad spels and magics used by deatheaters and voldermort since he was old enough to speak.
*is very intelligent despite his unique view of the world and way of thinking at times, a quick study and a dangerous opponent when he has had enough.

Weaknesses:*magic intended for use against unicorns
*Death Eaters
*beautiful females
*knows nothing of muggles or the muggle world
*social interactions with people
*arrows (to the heart)
*losing his horn (it'll grow back but make him extremely vulnerable)
*not getting upset when his slytherin nature inherited from his father shows

Patronus: The day Bavo hatched from the spider egg and his father blessed and cursed her to age with him. Bavo is a giant spider baby but the runt...she'll be bigger than her ancestor Eragog
Dementor: When dark wizards murdered his mother and forbidden forest was also burned down
Boggart: People or evil people people learning he is unicorn...and magic-less humans
Veritaserum: Being a pureblooded unicorn
Mirror of Erised: A soul-mate and to find their unicorns bond

Tessa, Annie, Becca, and a couple others know and understand his bloodline. Instead of a sample cuz its kris I'll explain how his blood type and creature thing works.

Unicorns can be impregnated in creature or human form. though its rare for unicorns to take one and more the older generations. comes from actual lores. tessa can back me on this.

when a unicorn gives birth if the child is born in human form they are a hybrid of human and unicorn.

if the child born is born a unicorn colt they are a FULL blooded unicorn with an easier time going human. if said child's other parent was a wizard they are a halfblood wizard regardless of the wizard's purity but still FULL unicorn.

hp lore has HINTED at this but like most things regarding unicorns it is unverified but hightly plausible.

any questions? ask
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Astoria Malfoy
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Head Healer

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PostSubject: Re: Marshal Slytherin *tessa approved this* ~done outside pending approvals*   Sat Apr 11, 2015 4:41 pm


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Marshal Slytherin *tessa approved this* ~done outside pending approvals*
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