Hogwarts: Golden Age

Years have passed since the fall of the dark lord. Peace has finally been achieved..or has it? Deatheaters arise again. Who's the leader this time? Who's the Saviour? Find out on Hogwarts: Golden Age
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 Nire Nonomyth

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PostSubject: Nire Nonomyth   Mon Apr 20, 2015 11:38 am

Name goes here

Full Name: Nire Nonomyth
Gender: Male
Birthday: Unknown
Age: 28
Blood: Pure blood
Birth Place: Russia
Nationality: Russian
Current Residence: Hogwarts

Family: He was raised in a strict house hold. Most of the family members saw Deatheaters in and out of the household. Nire always envyed them and wanted to be like them, Questioning them sometimes. He wanted to be like them. He's family are a group of powerful dark wizards and witches, he has twenty brothers, and twenty sisters.


Nire received tutors. Practiced magic was a sltherin. Wanted to be a Death ever, practiced DADA.

Appearance: Look at the bloody image

Personality: Harsh, Cruel, Sexist

As the Meteors fell down, the Knights who did not evade the blast, would have been dead. Their Armour instantaneous melt, and there skin and flesh along with bone turned to mere dust. This was also dangerous against the allies. He quickly reverted back to his human form, shield on his left hand and Hammer on the right, he was naked, however within seconds he had his Armor and weapon come to him, his Armor placed on his body along with his set of clothing. His Sword on his lower back along with his Razor blades and chain whip. His eyes glistened as he scanned the area. The death toll was huge, He keep in mind Xena's help. And assistance, thanks to her it made him less negative. Having finally shown a sign of calmness and angry towards evil now gone for the time being, he felt more capable fighting without the Angels of Darkness taken his energy away from him. This was certainly not what he signed up for. He was thinking about his training he under took. Though this was expected but he certainly did not expect a battle at this size and magnetite.

He shook his head. For his sake before he loses control he hoped, Xena was okay. If he loss another comrade he would flip. But then again that was being a bit hypocritical seeing as many Paladins fell before his eyes, and he did not seems as considerable as he did for Xena. He still cared for other Paladins, just Xena seemed to be a bit special in his heart when he hardly knew her.

He was about to head off to the battle field, when he heard a sudden explosion and the flesh and bodies being blown up."Landmines?" He questioned, this was some form of joke? Paladins not capable of seeing this true, again he was being Hypocritical because he did not see this till now. But, Yoshima was not worried he already had a planned strategy that he was about to utilize. He formed a massive bubble around several land mines, say a rough number of one hundred and would use air and force energy to cave in the the bubble causing the land mine to blow off the inside the bubble that was given pressure to it. Then he noticed from the skies above, or whatever that was shooting at other landmines, his express if he had a no helmet was a Wh..oat? And dumb folded. You might as well put the person who shut those things or whatever they were at the Landmine in the oven...Fucking people he cussed in his mind. Devastation, mayhem, and bangs, as if they weren't enough deaths now you are going to change the Environ-. He stopped his thought person when he notice noticed several land Paladins being sucked inside the land. His handle on the hilt of his clutched and he glittered his teeth against one another. He will refuse to die in this battle, and have Aya's name be gone in vein, He will personal find the Crescent Knight and Make him or her Suffer, before cutting off each limb and leaving him to rot and be eaten by the fucking dogs. That goes to say if the Crescent Knight did not have Regeneration posties which was higher unlikely because they can use Magic instead of a racial passive ability. Well that put a major hole in his logic. brilliant Yoshima, you bloody out did it yourself then. He frowned in disappointment as he thought and spoke to his inner thoughts.

He noticed, Xena. And would use his speed to aid. Her."Thank you." He told her, His right hand that held the hammer begun swirling in a spiral as Yoshima begun manifesting and summoning Astral Energy from a the Astral Plane very quick, as his Body Split, and Yoshima created a complete Doppelganger of himself. The Clone was aiding his back side in varies blocking, parring, and deflecting, as well as attacking, he had replica's of Yoshima's hammer and Shield yet only Yoshima can wield those two objects. Which again meant, the Clone was a 100% copy of him including DNA, and everything. His eyes glared side ways looking at the battle field several meters away, children.. Oh that's just sick, that's just fucking sick. That was a thing that would make, Yoshima's skin boil to a point of Rage where he just wanted to snap and rampage. However he kept a calm compensator. He knew well that war would change people. And would allow for major flaws to be shown, Yoshima was no idiot. And he was not going to let his flaws, Morals, and emotions get in the way of winning this war.

His eyes glared at the battle field again, some were frozen, in fear. What the fuck? He Took a few steps away from Xena, Yoshima still in flight. As he neared a United Hunting Alliance Member. He was so shooken in fear that he was crying. Yoshima did not understand why, or howcome. He passed his metal Glutamate hand on the man's head and attempted to probe his mind in attempts to acess it better, just to give simple images. Believe it or not it seemed to be easy access, the man had completely let his gaurd down, and as soon as he got those images in his head, he glared at the battlefield and mumbled.'You fucking monsters, how fucking dare you. Give false images and false thoughts and Propaganda to others." He stated.

He tried to calm him down, but he went in a frenzy and just left his site. They just wanted anything and everything to win this war, including mind games. He rejoined, Xena in the battlefield and sent her a telepathically Message. Hopefully she would allow that message to be sent. -We have a problem. It seems, someone has influenced our Allies thoughts. ANd now the shape of the battle field is about to change. Xena, I need you to ask Lego, to send a calm warm, telepathically message to everyone who has been affected. to calm them down. Or else we would lose. Unless we've already lost...- He sent that message to Xena. There was so much he could do. He wished he can do more. He wouldn't be able to send that many messages out he wasn't a bloody master telepathy, However a decent number of people would be fifty to two hundred that he would be able to send messages to. The extent of that ability was still currently unknown to him, so he didn't know exactly how many words he would be able to produce to that many people and then covert those words into thoughts before sending them out to the said people. This entire war worried him. However he tried not to think that the Lego's forces would lose. However it wasn't hope that he feared for. It was logic, numbers, and blunt blank reality. It's if was a numbers game. As the two mothers spirits fought, it was truly a magnificence sight, which made him think positive again. The truly amazing part was that amount of force, energy, and heart each side gave. To care so much, for something. It made the Enemy side have a heart. or some form of thing inside them, that they had passion for. He however, went back to aiding, Xena. Hoping she would get his message and not block it it off. His clone helping him.
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PostSubject: Re: Nire Nonomyth   Mon Apr 20, 2015 5:19 pm


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Nire Nonomyth
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