Hogwarts: Golden Age

Years have passed since the fall of the dark lord. Peace has finally been achieved..or has it? Deatheaters arise again. Who's the leader this time? Who's the Saviour? Find out on Hogwarts: Golden Age
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 Gideon Virtus

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Gideon Virtus
Ravenclaw 2nd Year
Ravenclaw 2nd Year
Gideon Virtus

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PostSubject: Gideon Virtus   Sun Jan 18, 2015 6:22 pm

Gideon Virtus

Full Name: Gideon Virtus
Gender: male
Birthday: 21st May 2003
Age: 11
Blood: halfblood
Birth Place: Venice
Nationality: Italian/English

Family: Gideon’s father is a wizard who has always been working for the light side. He had been sorted in Gryffindor and became an auror when he grew up. One day, he met a beautiful and enchanting women and he immediately fell in love with her. Not long after, their son was born and that was when Gideon’s mother realized that both his wife and his child were angels. Nevertheless, he always stood by their sides and taught his son to be brave, loyal and just.

History: Gideon’s parents love to travel and especially his mother can never stay in one place for long, feeling at home everywhere she goes. That is how he was born in Venice, where his parents were on their honeymoon. As always, they quickly moved on and Gideon grew up everywhere in the world. He has seen almost all countries in his short life, but when he received his letter on his 11th birthday, he knew that his journey had come to an end for now, but that at the same time, a new one had begun.

Appearance: Gideon has very pale features which make his warm blue eyes stand out even more. He has sandy blond hair and isn’t very tall, but he carries himself with calm dignity that makes him seem larger than he actually is.

Personality: Gideon grew up with muggles and wizards and magical creatures and beings and is absolutely accepting of all of them. You could call him the kindest and gentlest soul on earth and he would never harm a living being even if his life would depend on it. Nevertheless, his mother showed him how to defend and protect others and himself from danger and he would always gladly help out if someone is in need. Gideon has a great capability to love and to trust, though he is by no means naïve. He is very forgiving and never holds a grudge which can lead to people using him.
He loves art of any kind, music, literature, paintings, nature itself. Gideon is a calm person that is friendly to everyone and will bravely stand behind you if you need him to.

Gideon closed his eyes and took a deep breath, drawing in the cold and fresh air of the winter morning, as he stepped out of their house into the garden. He loved all seasons, but winter was by far his favourite, when everything was covered by a snowy blanket, innocently hidden away till the first warm days melted the ice again. Crouching down low, he traced his fingers over a stone which was covered in ice crystals which melted from the warmth of his skin. The sun was just rising and managed to warm his skin a little and the snow glittered beautifully. It would definitely be a good day, he decided with a smile.
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Gideon Virtus
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