Hogwarts: Golden Age

Years have passed since the fall of the dark lord. Peace has finally been achieved..or has it? Deatheaters arise again. Who's the leader this time? Who's the Saviour? Find out on Hogwarts: Golden Age
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 Tauron Dyami

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Tauron Dyami
Slytherin 5th Year
Slytherin 5th Year

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PostSubject: Tauron Dyami   Sun Jan 18, 2015 9:04 pm

Tauron Dyami

Full Name: Tauron Dyami
Gender: male
Birthday: 17th, September 2000
Age: 14
Blood: halfblood
Birth Place: Sussex, England
Nationality: British

Family:Tauron’s mother is unknown to him, as his father killed her while she gave birth to him, her last breath being Tauron’s first. She had never been more than just a tool to get an heir and Tauron’s father used her only for that, no love, no affection involved. He is a single child and grew up in the darker parts of the Wizarding world.

History: Tauron grew up in a dark, old, but sophisticated manor in south England. He was raised by his father who taught him everything he now knows, how to use magic, how to fight, how to kill. He never came in much contact with other children, especially not muggles, but he doesn’t really care whether someone is a muggle or a pureblood or something in between.

Appearance: Tauron is very tall and well-muscled. His skin is slightly tanned and he has black hair with piercing green eyes. His body is covered with tattoos and he is usually found wearing rather casual clothes.

Personality: Tauron is immensely self-confident and doesn’t have any sense of personal space. He is very flirty and goes after what he wants and when he wants it, but he usually doesn’t stick with one person for long, as romance and love are rather far from his mind. When Tauron pursues a relationship or a friendship, he doesn’t care for gender, blood or species as has quite liberal thoughts about blood-purity and he rarely shows respect for people. He is cunning and can be subtle if it is required, though he usually just can’t be bothered.

“Hey there, sexy! Get over here.” Tauron ordered a young girl who was sitting a few yards away from him in the courtyard, putting on his most charming smile which girls rarely could resist. As expected, the witch quickly came hurrying over to him, blushing and giggling stupidly and he was about to simply rip her throat out for being so bloody annoying, but instead he just pulled her into his lap and kissed her breathless. His hands went under her skirt and she gasped and wiggled in his lap, obviously trying to get away. “Bloody virgin!” Tauron cussed and got up, the girl dropping to the ground with a shriek. “Next time, I won’t stop, so do get out of my sight.” He told her snidely before marching off.
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Lilith Ebony Valas
Hogwarts Staff
Hogwarts Staff

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PostSubject: Re: Tauron Dyami   Mon Jan 19, 2015 10:26 am


Angel/Demon Hybrid
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Tauron Dyami
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