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Years have passed since the fall of the dark lord. Peace has finally been achieved..or has it? Deatheaters arise again. Who's the leader this time? Who's the Saviour? Find out on Hogwarts: Golden Age
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 Jarrod Reid

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Jarrod Reid
Slytherin 3rd Year
Slytherin 3rd Year

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PostSubject: Jarrod Reid   Thu Aug 06, 2015 12:09 pm

Jarrod Reid

Full Name: Jarrod Lukas Reid
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 14, 2003
Age: 13 years
Blood: Pureblood
Birth Place: Essex, UK
Nationality: English

Family: The Reid family is an upper class wizarding family that lives in a rather lavish and prestigious area of Essex. Spencer Reid, a well known and successful accountant and financial advisor to many wealthy wizards, holds a superior position at Gringotts Wizarding Bank, which he travels to via Apparation each day. His wife, Katie Nott, is a partner in a wizarding law firm located just south of where they live. Jarrod's older brother, Cameron,  was recently accepted to a prestigious university in Prague to study law,  following in his mother's footsteps. The family is a picture of an ideal family with a bloodline that would be perfect for passing on to the next generation, a belief held by many in their community and their family scattered all over the UK.

History: Jarrod Lukas, born March 14th of 2003, was raised as any prestigious, upper class,  pureblood family would raise a son. While blood status was important for continuing the line of the family, it wasn't an end all to friendships and such. The only time friendships were seen as less than others were in the cases of those born to Muggles. The more magical a line was, the more readily approval from his parents was. From a young age, Jarrod proved to be another product of 'good stock' and held a very promising future. Just like his brother, he attended parties and numerous get-togethers with other well-to-do wizarding families, thus becoming just as well known as the rest of his family.

Even though he was somewhat close with his brother, Jarrod often found himself doing his own thing, when he wasn't partaking in early studies or extra activities fitting to a young man such as he, such as ballroom dancing, weight training, and assorted sports. The age difference of five years did play a factor in the boys' closeness, but Cameron was always there for his little brother whenever he needed him.

Just like all wizarding children, Jarrod manifested magic at a young age, something not at all surprising to his family. Then, like clockwork, his letter of acceptance to Hogwarts arrived and the Reid family prepared their youngest member to begin his journey towards becoming a first rate wizard his family would be proud of.

Upon reaching Hogwarts, Jarrod was sorted into Slytherin, much like most of his family had been for generations. He also proved to he highly skilled in Potions, Herbology, and Ancient Runes, much to the pleasure of his parents. By having a natural knack in these areas of study, many roads in the professional world were more than open to their son and promised a fine future for the youngest Reid.

While Jarrod is everything his family could want, he keeps a secret from them that he only just began to accept himself. Revealing said secret would bring about reactions and views from his family and family friends that he doesn't like to think about. For now, keeping that knowledge to himself is the only option.

Appearance: A rather handsome young man, Jarrod is a little on the tall side with a well toned and well maintained body. His dark brown hair is kept clean cut and short. While reading or working with anything involving details, such as potions making, Jarrod wears oval, silver framed glasses. When not in uniform, instead of the normal jeans and tees most boys his age wear, Jarrod flirts with the line between casual and preppy, wearing clean, fashionable jeans or slacks and button-down shirts, polos, or even light sweater-type shirts. His shoes of choice often consist of a good pair of Converse or a casual dress shoe, whatever strikes him in the moment.

Personality: Contrary to what many would expect from one raised as he was, Jarrod is actually a very mellow and humble soul. Open-minded and kind-hearted, he is a very likeable fellow, which is more than apparent by his popularity throughout the school. Even with being as popular as he is, Jarrod is far from conceited. He is simply the good guy who is happy to make friends with anyone. Loyal almost to a fault, Jarrod is not one to cross when it comes to those he cares about. He will be the first to step up and the last to back down when it comes to his friends and loved ones.

A lover of swimming and ballroom dance, Jarrod is often seen working to maintain the body that allows him to excel in these passions. Skilled in academics, he does sometimes struggle with the subjects of Astronomy and Divination, which often land him long nights in the library for skull sessions to make sure he has the concepts down for the next day or for exams. When not studying or training, Jarrod can be found reading a good book or relaxing while listening to music. That is, if he's not out being a socialite.

While Jarrod is very true to himself, and shows himself as he is, there is one piece of him that he keeps tucked away. Being gay and in the family and house he is in, Jarrod is well aware that this would be less than desirable for the son of a Reid, or a proud Slytherin. Having the sexual orientation he has, it is unlikely that his pristine bloodline will continue with him, which contradicts everything that goes with his perfect family. Not wanting to disappoint his family, relations, or housemates, as well as not wanting to bring about the added hardships of acceptance and rejection, Jarrod keeps that little tid-bit to himself.

"Just listen to the music and follow me," Jarrod's silky, baritone voice spoke softly as he took the proper pose with his partner for the dance. "I've never done this dance before..."she replied nervously. Grinning slightly, he firmed up his stance and winked as the beginning to the dance sounded in the music. "Doesn't matter. Just keep your eyes on me and you'll do fine," he said as he locked eyes with the red-head and began moving to the music with the proper steps for the dance.

At first they moved slowly, carefully... Not too much at once... But soon, Jarrod smiled as his partner fell into easy step following his strong lead. As soon as he felt her confidence settle, he added different moves and flourishes that showcased them as a dancing pair as well as his female partner. When the music drew to a close, Jarrod ending their dance with an elegant spin and dip of his partner, the end of the song stopping with the stop in their movement. A perfect dance...

As the attendees applauded the fine dancing of everyone, Jarrod stood his partner up and tipped his head before kissing the back of her hand. "How did you do that?" she stammered. "Do what?" he asked. "That...." she said gesturing to their dance. With a soft chuckle, Jarrod replied, "It wasn't all me. You would be surprised what you can do with a strong leader." With that, he gave a slight bow and headed off the dance floor.

Finding one of the many balconies, Jarrod stepped into the cool night air and breathed deeply as he leaned on the rail overlooking the grounds... I wonder if it would be the same....
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PostSubject: Re: Jarrod Reid   Thu Aug 06, 2015 12:25 pm


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Jarrod Reid
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